24 Hour Readathon Hour 16 Recap

Well I decided to take an hour break during Hour 16. What did I do instead of reading?

  • Fold Laundry
  • Put Fresh Sheets on Bed
  • Take a Shower
  • Blow Dry Hair
  • Read US Weekly
  • Go through some posts in my Google Reader
  • Watch SNL until we realized it was a very unfunny repeat of the Megan Fox episode
  • Did Dishes
  • Drink Some Diet Coke

Feel refreshed! I'll probably take another hour break during the wee hours when I feel myself drooping. I totally recommend it.


  1. oh. I thought Taylor Swift was to be on SNL tonight? oh well. :) happy reading! CHEERS

  2. Reading US Weekly counts doesn't it? ;)

    Glad to see you are still up and at 'em!

  3. I need a nap! Glad to see you refreshed.

  4. Of course you know you're doing great! Happy reading.


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