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Book Review: "Dreaming in Black and White" by Laura Jensen Walker

Tomorrow: Book Giveway! Stay tuned for details.

yay for movie buffs!

I will not lie. I am a movie trivia buff and I am proud of it. I watch the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes every year (would watch the SAG awards but alas i don't cable). i love all sorts of movies (hence why i would include movies on that deserted island of mine). Therefore Phoebe Grant would prally be my new best friend. Out of all the chick lit books I've read so far, this is far and away my new favorite book. Funny, touching, and with TONS of movie references I didnt want the book to end (and yay there's a sequel). Phoebe is a working class woman who is not afraid to be single. Movies and her friends are the source of her life, until she loses her job in Cleveland and is forced to go back home to help her mom out in her small town in California. The characters are multi-dimensional and FUN! I honestly never had so much fun reading a book. I feel like I…

Book Review: "Impasse" by Laurel Oke Logan

impasse: a position or situation from which there is no escape

Before reading this book, I had never heard of this word before (it never showed up on my SAT list!) Reading this book gave me a somewhat better understanding of the meaning. I read this book after going through Bethany House's old Portraits series and I had to inter-library loan it because this was the only book in the entire series that no library in this entire area had. "Impasse" tells the story of Esther, a television reporter, and Jon, a history teacher, and the choices they make that lead them into a deadlock. The story deals mainly with the creation vs. evolution debate, and what's a Christian to do about it in school. This book was one of those older Christian romance novels I'm not too particularly fond of. Esther comes off rather weak when dealing with her fiance, letting him run all over her until the very end of the story. Also something I never find realistic in romance novels were th…

Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins

Here's a review from the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance:

Well folks, it must be Wednesday. From September 27th thru the 29th, the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance presents Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins.

Violet Dawn, which released in August of this year, is published by Zondervan and is part of Brandilyn's new Kanner Lake series. There are two other books to come...Coral Moon, releasing in March of '07, and Crimson Eve, releasing in September of '07.

You must also stop by and visit Scenes and Beans, the REAL blog for the fictional Java Joint coffehouse in Kanner Lake.

This is a unique marketing tool for the series, involving about 30 other
writers (including several of our CFBA members), and eventually involving readers of the series who want to audition posts.

Now, I've made you wait long enough. The book is classic Brandiln Collins Seatbelt Suspense. It grabs you from the very beginning...

Something sinuous brushed against Paige's knee. She jerked her leg away…

Blogging Chicks!


Book Review: "Terminal 9" by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James

Do you like CSI?

Then you'll like the McAllister series, and Terminal 9 is no exception. Gritty, realistic and often quite descriptive, this book explores the death of an old man which turns out not be just an accident. The story makes you feel as if you are part of the case as Mac and Dana uncover clues, interview suspects and discover body parts along the way. Mac and Dana make a good team, with none of the police detective stereotypes. They both allow each other to take charge and do thing his or her own way. They have a good relationship with a hint of romance but not so much to take away from the main story. *Note this is not a romance story so as not to scare off male readers.* I've enjoyed Patricia Rushford since reading her Jennie McGrady series and this book continues the enjoyment. And I've just discovered that my library has order book 4 of the series!

Terminal 9 by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James is published by Thomas Nelson (2005)


today i joined the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance. looking foward to reviewing more books!

oh and i finished terminal 9 tonight. 1 down, 17 to go!

Fall Into Reading Challenge

Katrina at Callapidder Days has put a challenge out there for those of us who love to read.

"The purpose of this challenge is for us to establish some goals for our reading this Fall and then work toward them. Whether you have a pile of books that you've been intending to read but just haven't yet, or you need a gentle prod to finish some books that you started but then abandoned, or you would just like a little accountability as you work through your reading stack, this is the place for you. Read for entertainment, read to learn, read to improve your life, read to be inspired. Just read!"

This is great since I can keep track of the ever growing pile besides my bed.
So here's my list.

Terminal 9 by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James
Sassy Cinderella and the Valiant Vigilante by Sharon Dunn
Under the Northern Lights by Tracie Peterson
Maggie's Story by Dandi Daley MacKall
Sadie-in-Waiting by Annie Jones
The Begotten by Lisa T. Bergren
Impasse by Laurel Oke Logan

Me and my Books

I started reading at the ripe old age of 3. No, I'm not trying to brag here, I have pretty darn good memory. My first movie experience was Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bird
(1985). I was just about to turn 2 years old. But I digress.

Christian fiction has always been my favorite genre. My first Christian novel was Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly. I remember this b/c I had trouble reading it due to the "prairie grammar". I couldn't understand it! Granted I was 7 at the time.Other than the "language barrier", I had become hooked. I was reading other stuff at the time, more age-level appropriate Baby Sitter Club and Nancy Drew books, but I enjoyed reading adult Christian fiction more than anything. Early (and still today) favorites were Janette Oke, Gilbert Morris, Angela Hunt, and Frank Peretti. I loved historical and biblical fiction. Some adults didn't believe I could read and fully understand the books though. My third grade Sun…

Book Review: "Uncharted" by Angela Hunt

"Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink"

Wow, this book just blew me away. The back of the novel says "A blend of the movie "Castaway" and "The Big Chill" with a touch of the television series "Lost"" thrown in with the parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Yes that perfectly describes this book. I won't give away the ending but this is one of those books that you will think about long after you've finished it. The characters all seem to have two sides to their personalities. The two that stuck out the most to me were Mark and Lisa. At first these two appear to be complete opposites. Then it's revealed that really the two are exactly alike. Interesting to think also that just thinking about doing something is the same as actually doing it. This book also makes me this what is going to happen on "Lost"? Angela Hunt is one of my favorite authors and proves again that she deserves to be.

Uncharted by…

Book Review: "Theodora's Diary" by Penny Culliford

I wish I was British!

Hilarious book! Theodora is just like me...if I was British. The Bridget Jones formula works well in this book. I laughed at Theo's mom and her Greek tendencies. Imagine having a name like Agamemnon! The portrayal of very conservative and stay at home moms was accurate along with the reaction of those not comfortable with it. I was glad to read Theo's sister's response to Charity chastising her for not staying at home after she has the baby. Theodora is proud that she worked hard to have her job and people like Charity shouldn't put her down for not being like her. The Kevin "Fever Pitch" storyline was great too. I went out and rented the DVD after reading the book (I had no idea Colin Firth was in it!) This book makes me want to have a British accent.

Theodora's Diary by Penny Culliford is published by Zondervan (2001)

Book Review: "Tight Squeeze" by Debbie Digiovanni

Hip Mom Lit

I'm neither married nor pregnant but reading about Becca Joy's (i love that name) situation was a fun ride. I could relate with her about her relationship with her sister. The children are not annoying and the husband actually helps out around the house instead of acting clueless. Also reading about the spa trip was fun since I've always want to go to one but haven't' had to the chance too. A way to live vicariously through the characters. My only gripe is the perfect neighbor. While there's nothing wrong with seeing someone who appears to have it all together, Becca's neighbor seemed a little too perfect. By the end of the story there appears to be not one single flaw with her. That didn't seem real. Other than that a great fun read for anyone who enjoys light chick/mom-lit.

Tight Squeeze by Debbie DiGiovanni is published by Howard Books (2005)

Book Review: "Pink" by Marilynn Griffith

Pink isn't such a bad color after all

I wasn't sure whether I'd like this book since it appeared to be marketed to African-American females, and I'm Asian-American. Luckily I was proven wrong. "Pink" was a breezy refreshing read. The characters seemed real, not preachy or annoying and actually relatable. It was very cool to find out what goes on inside the fashion design world and how a small business operates. And it was very nice to to see the story from Flex's POV and not just assuming what he was thinking from Raya. Looking forward to reading Jade!

Pink by Marilynn Griffith is published by Revell (2006).

Bonjour! Hello! Hola!

hi! this is my new experience into the world of blogging (and not just random journal entries on livejournal or facebook etc.) i'll be mainly using this blog to post up book reviews, occasional movie reviews and anything interesting that happens in my life that i deem blog-worthy. 

quick bio- I'm currently a senior in college, graduating in dec (praying) with a BA in history and then in Jan (praying again) i'll be in grad school continuing with that history degree to find out what i want to do with it (since i dont want to teach, must find another option). I work in a library which is great for me (Free books! and movies! and no late fees!) I love reading. I have over 300 books and i desperatley need a new bookcase. I read mostly Christian fiction with the occasional Harry Potter (can't wait for book 7) and I've just discovered I like chick-lit. 

I love watching movies too. Favorites include Star Wars (all 6), Lord of the rings trilogy, Harry potter movies, Indiana J…