Contest Do's and Don'ts and Funny Entries

I enjoy having giveaways on my blog. I love being able to share books with my blog readers and it's always fun to win something. I've had over 100 contests on my blog. So in the past 2.5 years, I've learned a lot about giveaways.

1) DON'T enter for a contest when there is no contest! You wouldn't believe how many entries I get on posts that are simply book reviews. Just because I give away books, doesn't mean every book I review is a giveaway. I clearly mark in the entry title, label and actual post what is a giveaway. If you don't see contest or giveaway anywhere in the post, I'm not giving away that item. I once had someone enter on a movie review, for a movie that was still in theaters!

2)DON'T leave your mailing address in your contest entry! Everyone will be able to see your info. Not a good idea!

3) but DO leave some sort of contact info! Whether it's your email address or PBS/FR ID (you know who you guys are) in your comment or if it's attached to your Google profile or OpenID, I need some way to be able to contact you. I don't know how you expect to be notified that you've won, if I can't contact you. And sorry I'm not going to say, whoever left the Anonymous comment that said "I want this book!" please email me with your info b/c ANYONE could email me back and claim the book!

4) DON'T enter for a contest after it's over! To help clear up this snafu, I now close off comments on contests that are over. But don't leave a comment on another entry telling me that you are unable to enter a comment on that contest entry that has been over for 2 weeks!

5) DO check to see what countries contest is open to before entering! All of my contests are open to US entries. Most of my contests are open to Canada entries. Some of my contests are open to ALL International entries. I always state which countries the contests are open to. So if the contest says US & Canada and you live in Denmark, unless you have a US/Canadian address I can send it to, your entry won't be counted.

6) DO know what you are entering for. Telling me you can't wait watch the DVD you're going to win on a book contest leaves me highly confused.

With that in mine, here are some funny contest entries that I've received (unfortunately there are some that I have deleted b/c they left no contact info and I refused to enter them in the contest.)

I heard your testimony on WCRF and loved your message! I have been trying to make a life change and have better habits. I would LOVE a copy of your book! Thanks for all you are doing! May the Lord continue to bless your ministry!!

This sounds like a good book to read... I loved your past books and i absulately loved it my favorite was Mexico a novel. that is my favorite one so Far. Please enter me...

These are just a sampling of the MANY comments I get of this nature. People, I AM NOT THE AUTHOR OF THE BOOK!!!! absolutely nowhere have I stated I wrote the book! I can understand if I did an interview with the author in conjunction with the giveaway, but that doesn't happen that often. If you are not confused and you do know that I am not the author already, unfortunately the odds of the real author seeing your comment are almost next to nil.

i like to read. that's great, i hope that's why you are entering this contest.

Only about two months to Jesus' Birthday! thanks for the reminder. but TBH we really don't know when Jesus' actual birthday was.

Hope I win it's my son's birthday on the 27th of October and I cannot afford a gift so this would be ideal. I'm sorry you can't afford a gift but guilt trips don't earn you extra points. also this was for a chick lit book, i don't think your son would like that too much for a bday present.

Can you beleive its almost Cgristmas again? I love xmas books especially about the olden days. i have no clue what Cgristmas is. and also the books you were entering for took place in 2008, didn't realize last year was already considered olden.

my daughter would like me to. To what???? enter the contest? read a book? cook dinner? The suspense is killing me!

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Books are the best drug!. count me in. :) I know books can be addictive but probably not the best comment you could make.

Anonymous said...
I'm just starting to get into mysteries, please add me that's great! but I can't add you if you're anonymous with no other info. or are you telling me i need to solve the mystery of who you are?


  1. oh, too too funny!!!!!!!!! I really love the one about the son and the fragment, My daughter would like me to...ha!

  2. My anniversary is next month, so please enter me! Just kidding - your post made me laugh!

  3. Those are so funny! It's hard to believe they were for real, but when I think about things I've seen, I guess they are. Thanks for a fun read, Deborah.

  4. Ha ha ha! These are very funny! Thanks so much for sharing!
    My philosophy is- When I have won a book from someone, don't enter again from that person for a while, I just wouldn't think it was fair. And- I only enter for books I really really want either for myself or my daughter. I would feel bad about winning a book I really didn't care about when someone out there really wanted this book.
    I have won a couple of books in the past and they have always been books that I was so excited to get!

    Keep up the good work Deborah! Love your blog and reviews.

  5. Anonymous9:30 PM

    Funny, and yes I know this is not a contest. lol


  6. What a hilarious post, haha! You seem to attract the nutters to your contests!

  7. OMG That's hilarious! I'm going to tweet it because it's good advice, even though it's funny.

  8. Hilarious! So true, too!

  9. "Great review! Thanks! I hope I win!"

    Bah! Sometimes I think there's a random comment generator that people use when entering giveaways :)

    Thanks for a laugh this morning.

  10. Haha! Oh dear, I guess some people don't really think about what they're going to write before they leave a comment. Don't you just love the spam links because of a keyword in your blog? *rolls eyes*


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