Movie Review: "Murder She Wrote The Complete Fourth Season"

This has got to be one of the best shows ever produced in television history. The premise is rather odd, I mean who would want to watch an little old lady solve mysteries every week? Apparently millions of people as this show stayed on the air for over 12 years (plus TV movies). I remember watching this show when I was younger with my family. It was a show everyone could enjoy, there was nothing objectionable, the script was witty, and you didn't know who had done it until five minutes before the show ended no matter how hard you tried to look for clues.

I'm so glad that our library decided to buy the first four seasons of the show. It's one of the most popular TV series at our branch, the DVDs are almost never in. Everyone loves Murder She Wrote, even the most casual fan. I mean what's not to like? Jessica Fletcher is just like the grandma you never had and always wanted. Angela Lansbury is perfect in this role. She's very spunky and spry for someone who's stereotypically supposed to stay at home and be docile. I love all the adventures she gets in, which of course there's a murder every time she goes somewhere.

In this season, Jessica travels from Paris to Quebec, a Catholic school, New York, a rodeo, and of course back home in Cabot Cove. Every single episode in this season, like all the other seasons, is superb. There is humor, mystery, suspense all in a single episode. I love the secondary characters that reappear every now and then. Sheriff Tupper and Dr. Seth add humor when Jessica is at home, while her nephew Grady always seems to find himself in trouble. And did anyone notice how many nieces and nephews Jessica has? They always seem to be popping up everywhere.

I feel that these shows in the 70s and 80s are far superior than what is shown today. There is no gore, little sex, little language and still the shows are entertaining and have more class than the shows today. I wish the public would realize this and demand that shows be more clean cut but unfortunately that is not the norm anymore. I hope the library gets more Murder She Wrote, it truly is one of the best shows ever put out.


  1. Oh My Gawd. An Absolute classic.

    And somewhat sexy too..

  2. I *adore* Murder She Wrote. My personal highlight of each episode though is seeing what shot they decide to freeze-frame on at the very end as the credits begin. It's usually some combination of Angela Lansbury and various other residents of Cabot Cove mid-chuckle ^_^

  3. This was totally one of my favorite shows!!! I especially liked the earlier ones in Cabot Cove. In the later stories, she moves on to other locales.

  4. What a terrible town to live in though! Someone was always being murdered!!


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