Book Review: "Fair Game" by Elizabeth White

Not such an easy target

Jana has returned to her hometown with her two young children after trying to find a new start in life. She has dreams about opening an animal conservatory on the land her grandfather owns. Meanwhile Grant is also eying that same piece of land to use as a hunting reserve. The two clash over the way the land should be used, but added tension is thrown in because Grant was Jana's high school crush! Add some kittens, fawns, runaway fishing boats and flash floods and you got yourself a story about trying to figure out how to find common ground with someone you care about.

This was a really great book. It was fun to read about how opposite viewpoints clash. I love how the opening of the book is Jana hitting a cow. It's a funny, grab your attention opening and, for me at least, familiar since I went to a college where cow tipping was the norm. I'm not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but I tended to share Jana's viewpoints on animal treatment in this book. I'm all for eating meat but I hate the thought of shooting animals just for sport. Luckily the storyline doesn't take a one sided approach to the issue and shows the pros and cons from both Jana's and Grant's views. I also did like how the two were able to compromise and Jana was not portrayed as the type of character that gave up all her beliefs just to get the guy. All of the characters were multi-dimensional and I enjoyed meeting all the members of both Jana's and Grant's families. They certainly added a lot of spunk to the story, especially Jana's children. I kind of wish there was more back story about her ex-husband, it doesn't seem that we know his complete story or what really happened to him. Other than that small hiccup, I really enjoyed reading this book. I learned a lot about animals too during this book, so it was a learning experience as well as a fun read. This was my first Elizabeth White book, and I have definitely now become a fan!

Fair Game by Elizabeth White is published by Zondervan (2007)


  1. Deb - enjoyed reading your review! You must pick up Fireworks which tells the story of Quinn Baldwin, Jana's brother so there is a bit more backstory there. Also Beth White has written about other memebrs of the Gonzales family in the novella collectiosn of Sweet Delight, Dream Vacation and I think one other that I can't remember!


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