Book Review: "Mom Over Miami" by Annie Jones

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Hannah is doing her best to be the woman, wife and mother she was meant to be. This means taking care of the kids, being the typical soccer mom, having the team over for nachos, ordering new furniture, etc. Basically she is putting everyone ahead of her and still thinks it's not enough. She tells her adventures in emails to her sisters which end up being published as a popular newspaper column. So this means people read about Hannah's mistakes and going through life unexpectedly while she tries to make it seem like a breeze to her. But when her husband cancels out on a long planned trip on her, Hannah decides she can't take it anymore and takes the trip to Miami on her own, leaving everything behind.

This is a book that soccer moms will relate to when there are times that you just want to get away from it all. Hannah is the type of person that wants to please everyone but instead finds she can't do it all. I was glad when she finally made that revelation. I enjoyed her interactions with the soccer team, she sounds like she could be a real fun mom to be around with. I was really glad that Hannah "ran away" and took a vacation for herself. I would have too in her situation. Her husband was taking her for granted, especially with the cleaning up the office for free deal. That is not something a wife should have to do especially if she has to take care of their own household duties. So I was happy that she took the time to enjoy herself, and even though she felt guilty at first, she really deserved the alone time. While it was frustrating at first to keep seeing Hannah having to suffer while the other moms got off scot-free, it was nice to finally see a so called perfect mom reveal her secrets and not judge Hannah for not being like her. On the other hand I did not like the neighbor that prejudged Hannah and felt sorry that she had to put up with that. I also did not really like the bit about the interior decorator sisters from the church. They seemed a bit annoying. Other than that I enjoyed this book a lot, more fun than Sadie in waiting. It's a great mom lit book to read when you just want to escape your own family life.

Mom Over Miami by Annie Jones is published by Steeple Hill (2005)


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