Katie Hart's Book Sale

Katie Hart from Christian Novels says she has too many books! *gasp* is that even possible??? Well that means more for the rest of us!

From Katie:

How would you like to buy great Christian novels for only $5.00 each, including shipping?

Send me your wish list - theloneislands at yahoo.com. I'll go through my books and zap you back a list of what titles I have from your list. Chose them all or just some, and I'll confirm that I have them reserved for you (first come, first serve!) and send you your total. Pay me via PayPal, and I'll mail them out!

Buy ten books and get your 11th one free! The $5.00 offer is only for US addresses. If you live in Canada, email me and I'll figure out your rates. For other countries, it likely won't be as great of a deal, but if you really want to order I'll send you the total once the titles are confirmed.

I try to keep my books nice but a few are more worn. I'll only charge $3.00 for those (less than Amazon shipping!). Also a few titles may only be available as ARCs - those will also be $3.00. Of course, you have the option of passing on those.

So you heard her, send her your lists and get great books for cheap prices. If I had known about this earlier, I wouldn't have spent $35 at the bookstore today for 3 books. I could have had 7. :(

just don't ask for the books i want :)


  1. I don't know why blogger requires for me to log onto my blog before I can comment on another! Sheesh.

    Aaaanay waaay... No, it's NOT possible to have too many books. I would volunteer at a bookstore to unload their new books if I could. I think I might suggest it...LOL.

    Geez, $35 for 3 books does sound steep, whew. If you shopped at a independent book store, you at least helped a small business stay afloat. Yippee.

  2. I commented about the ole coupons over at my blog. Don't want to post another long one here. LOL

  3. You know what - I have over 1200 CF books and wouldn't give them up :) I justify that by saying I will be passing them on to my three daughters but if it keeps going they might find their bedrooms taken over by books - hehehe! Besides I share them with family, friends and church friends and that would be called a ministry don't you think??!!!


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