Book Review: "The Secrets Sisters Keep" by Abby Drake

When it comes to family secrets, the four Dalton sisters have had more than their share. Then quirky, spirited Uncle Edward decides to throw a seventy-fifth birthday celebration and wanders off, leaving the women to face their past—and one another.

Ellie–the eldest, tended to Uncle Edward instead of her dreams. Exasperated with his antics, aware that she's not getting any younger, is she finally ready to take off for Egypt?

Amanda–the Park Avenue snob, spent two decades raising three kids and squandering money she didn't have. Now that her husband's found a Brazilian back-waxer to take her place, will she reassess her life?

Babe–the movie-star beauty, fled New York for L.A. When she returns with her has-been actor-husband, will love and lust be reignited for her—with someone else?

Carleen–the middle-class mom, a ninth-grade algebra teacher, quilts cloth pocketbooks for fun. Did she really once have orange hair, bad boyfriends, and an attitude? Will her sisters ever forgive her for their shattered family? Or will she be forced to tell them the truth?

And will these ladies ever be able to confront their long-buried past and act like, well, sisters again?

Being in family of three girls, I am always a fan of sister stories. While I think anyone will enjoy stories like this, I think those who are from a family of sisters will really enjoy this book. The story is about a family who has been estranged for years who returns at the party of a beloved uncle. However when they get there, Uncle Edward has disappeared! The sisters must make the decision to either stay together and find him or allow their past to continue to wreck havoc and send them on their separate ways again.

The four sisters are all very different from each other. I didn't necessarily agreed with all the decisions the women made but I could understand why they did what they did. Out of the four of them, I would probably say that Amanda is my least favorite but that's because she chose to make herself unapproachable and unlikable. I felt Carleen to the most intriguing of the four because she's introduced before we actually meet her. She's described by her sisters as a horrible person who they all want to avoid. However when we actually meet her, she's not the witch they've made her out to be. Instead she's the most normal out of the four of them and wants to have a normal relationship with her sisters again.

The secrets that are revealed throughout the book are not very scandalous but actually quite heartbreaking. It's sad when families keep such huge secrets from each other because they cause such huge rifts in relationships. If the family had chosen to share with each other their feelings or the true nature of their decisions, a lot of hurt feelings could have been avoided. Instead the family became estranged for many years, never being the strong unit they could have been.

There's a lot of drama in this book but I never felt it was over dramatic. I didn't feel any soap opera moments though I could see this book being made into a guilty pleasure TV show. Overall, this was a really good read. I enjoyed reading about the Dalton sisters and learning about their secrets. It's not the most thought provoking read but it does emphasize the importance of family. There's some language for those that want to be aware of it. It's also a fun read and a great way to escape for a day. I'm looking forward to reading more of Drake's books and well as any future ones from her.

The Secrets Sisters Keep by Abby Drake is published by Avon A (2010)

This review copy was provided by the publisher

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  1. Great timing! I saw this at B&N over the weekend and thought it would be a good read. Glad to know my assumption was right.

    PS Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Saw the cover over the weekend, but didn't have a chance to stop and investigate ... Sounds like a fun read :o)


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