Book Review: "The Perfect Blend" by Trish Perry

Steph Vandergrift is in need of a job. She left everything behind to elope with Middleburg attorney Rick Manfred, never imagining he would stand her up at the altar. Now, hoping just to get by until she can decide what to do next, Steph thinks she’s found the perfect position at the local tea shop.

Kendall James, one of the kindest and most eligible bachelors in the area, meets Steph and proceeds to pursue her. But by the time Steph feels able to consider dating again, her runaway fiancé returns and tries to win her back. Steph is wary, but she and Rick always seemed to blend so well. Are they truly meant to be together, or does God have something else in mind?

Is there nothing more comforting than sitting at a cozy tea shop with a warm cup of tea, scones and a conversation with a good friend? Well I don't know about you but I really enjoy doing that to relax. And that's exactly what this new book from Trish Perry has been able to accomplish. A cozy read about a light romance and it talks about tea!

The story deals with Steph, a mid twenties young woman, who finds herself stranded in a small town after her fiance abandons her before their elopement. She has to make a quick decision of staying her or going back to her hometown with her head between her legs. Deciding to stay in Middleburg, she encounters an array of characters who welcome her into the town. While staying there, Steph learns to stand up for herself, discover what she truly wants in life as well as begin a possible new and more fulfilling romance.

My favorite characters were Christy and Liz, the sisters Steph meets and befriends. I liked their contrasting personalities and their lively behavior. They seemed like they would be really good friends to have and I loved their house. Steph was very lucky to have met them. Kendall is a good romantic lead but I felt that he was a bit too good to be true. I was actually more interested in Rick's character. He's not in the story that much but his personality is defined by the actions that are shown as well as his own mother. I have no idea what on earth Steph saw in him but all I will say is Good Riddance!

While I liked the story, there were times when I felt that Steph seemed a little bland as a character. I can't really place my finger on it but some of her actions bugged me a little. I can understand her being clumsy as that happens to me all the time. I think it was more that she never could get out what she really wanted to say without messing things up or making things more confusing. It was ok in the beginning but then it got a bit old as it kept continuing throughout the book.

Overall though, I really liked the book. If you enjoy light contemporary romances, this is a great book for you. It's cozy and inviting just like Milly's tea shop. There are also recipes at the end of the book in case you are craving what you were reading. I'll be looking forward to more books in the series.

The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry is published by Harvest House (2010)

This review copy was provided by the publisher


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