Interview with author Camy Tang

I"m totally psyched to have author Camy Tang here on my blog today. Little bit of blog trivia: her blog was one of the first blogs I started reading and inspired me to start this blog. Any who, she's just released her first book and you need to go out and buy it. Look above for a review of Sushi for One? and a giveaway! And without further adieu, an interview with Camy Tang!

You're in restaurant that features an All you Can Eat Chinese Buffet. Let's say calories, fat, carbs, etc don't exist. What's the first food you run to?

Those deep fried lobster balls they serve at Chinese wedding banquets. The ones I’ve had were balls formed around crab claws so you could hold the claw while you bite into the lobster mix. That stuff is sooooo good!

You've suddenly been transported in an alternate Jane Austen universe where you've become Elizabeth Bennett. Who would play your Mr. Darcy?

Richard Armitage!!!!!! Have you seen the BBC Miniseries North and South? He's gorgeous!

Starbucks is going out business. For your last overpriced coffee drink what would you have?

I am going to be a snob and say nothing, because my husband makes much better lattes than Starbucks, due to the fact that he roasts his own coffee. Starbucks has very harsh coffee, it tastes almost burned.

What stereotypes of Asian Americans would you like banished from society?

The quiet, submissive Asian woman. I hate it when people seem surprised that I actually have an opinion for myself.

What's currently residing in your TBR pile?

Too many books. Bayou Justice by Robin Caroll. Turquoise by Marilynn Griffith. A Promise to Remember by Kathryn Cushman. Moon Over Tokyo by Siri Mitchell. Scared to Death by Debby Giusti. Demon by Tosca Lee.

How has becoming a published author changed your life?

Dramatically. For one, I'm poorer. LOL That's because I decided to quit my biology job to write full time--not a wise move financially, but I hadn't wanted to stay in my biotech company because it got bought by another one. Luckily, my husband was okay with the decision to quit.

It's also a strange reorientation of my expectations of my new "job." For biotech work, my emotional state didn't affect my work--I could still run an assay whether I was happy, sad, or indifferent. However with writing, because it's artistic, I'm more sensitive to stress in my life and have to set boundaries on my time in order to be able to write efficiently. It's a completely different sort of mindset from biotech work.

Any last words?

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Thanks so much for having me here with you, Deborah! This was totally fun!


  1. Thanks so much for the interview, Deborah!

  2. Fun interview! Thanks you two.

  3. Go Camy - I take full responsibility for your crush on Richard Armitage - LOL!!! I really enjoyed seeing him in the neww BBC series of Robin Hood but adjusting to him as the bad guy was a bit hard!


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