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Review Policy As an enthusiastic book reader, I am happy to hear from authors and publicists about review opportunities. Since I started this blog in September 2006, I have written over 900 book reviews that can be located on this blog and in a review database . Please look over and familiarize yourself with this page to make sure your book fits my review policy before sending me an inquiry. I am willing to review books in the following genres: Christian fiction (contemporary, chick lit, women's fiction, YA, literary, historical, mystery, Amish, thriller, suspense) chick lit Young Adult (contemporary, chick lit, literary, dystopia, historical, mystery) Note: I do NOT read YA paranormal or fantasy Middle Grade fiction (contemporary, chick lit) contemporary fiction historical fiction (NOT historical romance) women's fiction cozy mysteries memoirs ( not autobiographies) Foodie books (Memoirs & Non Fiction, not cookbooks) Multicultural Fiction, Memoirs and Non Fiction -

Reading Challenges

Click on each button for more details Current Challenges: Goal: Finish current TBR Pile by 12/21/11 Goal: Read all the books nominated for Christy Award through 2009 Past Challenges: Goal: Read 18 of 19 books by Contemps authors by 8/15/11 Did not complete - read 9 of 19 books Goal: Finish current TBR pile by 6/21/11 Did Not Complete: 6/21/11 Goal: Read 3 books by South Asian Authors in 2010 DONE! Finished 12/21/10 Goal: Read my Library TBR pile by 12/20/10 DONE! Finished 12/9/10 Goal: Read all 56 Yellow Hardbacks in 2010 DONE! Finished 8/19/10 Goal: To read all the books in the Pretty Little Liars series by 12/31/10 DONE! Finished 8/5/10 Goal: Read 10 Cozies from 4/1/10 to 9/30/10 DONE! Finished 4/28/10 Goal: To complete the 6 books on the list and write 6 "book reports" by 4/30/10 DONE! Finished 4/24/10 Goal: Read my Library


To enter, look to the right top sidebar and click on the cover of the book and post a comment there. Only the books listed there are giveaways. If you are a winner, please respond within a week to my email or else your prize will be forfeited and I will redraw a new winner. Please remember to leave a way to contact you if you win. Entries without contact info will not be entered into the drawings and will be deleted. As of right now, all contests will be limited to US mailing addresses. I will post if the contest is open to international address. For More information on my views on following rules in giveaways please read these two posts Contests Do's and Don'ts How Would Jesus Enter a Blog Giveaway

About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog! I'm a late twenty-something graduated grad student in the Northern VA area. I just recently finished up my Master's Degree in History (US History with a concentration in Applied History). I am a processing archivist by day. I've discovered that there are many people who don't know what an archivist is so click here to learn more. I had the wonderful opportunity of interning at the Smithsonian Institution this summer at the Archives Center at the National Museum of American History (that'd be the one with Dorothy's slippers). I was part of a team that processed the Scurlock Studio Photography Studio collection (a family owned DC based photo studio) - over 40,000 black and white negatives and prints. It was a wonderful experience and influenced my decision that this is the field that I really want to work in. I really enjoy living up in the DC area (this is as big city as I'm going to get!). There's so much to do and

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For reviews sorted by genre, click here . updated 10/20/11 Authors Alphabetical by last name, (1st author last's name if there are multiple authors), then alphabetical by title A Before the Dawn by Carolyn Aarsen Damas, Dramas and Ana Ruiz by Belinda Acosta Sisters, Strangers and Starting Over by Belinda Acosta Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff Dreams That Won't Let Go by Stacy Hawkins Adams The Someday List by Stacy Hawkins Adams Worth a Thousand Words by Stacy Hawkins Adams Be Strong and Curvaceous by Shelley Adina The Chic Will Inherit the Earth by Shelley Adina The Fruit of My Lipstick by Shelley Adina It's All About Us by Shelley Adina Tidings of Great Boys by Shelley Adina Who Made You a Princess? by Shelley Adina The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern Interior Motives by Ginny Aiken Populazzi by Elise Allen Love Amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews In the Shade of the Jacaranda by Nikki Arana The Winds of Sonoma by Nikki Aran