Book Review: "In the Shade of the Jacaranda" by Nikki Arana

How strong is your faith?

Angelica has married Antonio, the immigrant worker from Mexico. While there are still many kinks to work out in this unique marriage, there is still great love between the two. Angelica still wants to be fulfill her dream of becoming a public defender but all that changes when she becomes pregnant. Suddenly everything becomes a challenge with worries about the baby's condition to Antonio's grandmother arriving from Mexico. This will test not only their relationship but Angelica's and Antonio's faith as well.

I was eager to pick up the story of Angelica and Antonio where the first book ended. I wanted to know how their relationship would survive because of the radical differences between the two. I was not let down. The book describes how they had to accommodate to not feel like they were letting the other down. Their many adventures held both laughter and tears. There were at times however when I felt very frustrated with Antonio and his way of thinking. Because he is not used to the technology and advances of this country, he would rather have everything simple and does not want Angelica to go through the tests regarding their baby. It just felt that throughout the book, Angelica is in the wrong for wanting to use technology instead of just relying on faith alone. Not that there's anything wrong with having a child like faith, I just felt frustrated that it made her look like the bad person for wanting more instead of just trusting. I did enjoy their relationship and the love they had for each other. The language barrier is not so much a problem anymore although there are obvious culture differences. I also liked how Angelica's parents begin to open up to Antonio even though they still have some resistance toward the relationship. The scene with the cradle was very touching for both ends. I also was intrigued with how Antonio tried to start his own business and the prejudice and stereotyping he faced because of his race. He handled the situation with more dignity than most people would. The story is beautifully written however and the characters are realistic with plot that is very relevant with this time period.

In the Shade of the Jacaranda by Nikki Arana is published by Revell (2006)


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