Book Review: "Days and Hours" by Susan Meissner

A Mother's Right

A baby has been found abandoned in a trash bin. The mother insists that the baby was kidnapped. While all evidence seems to point that the mother left her child there, Rachael Flynn seems to believe her story. Then the baby disappears again and is found left for dead. Once again, it looks like the single mother appears to be unfit to take care of her children. Rachael, however, feels that something is missing and with her dreams and intuition does her best to prove the mother's innocence.

Susan Meissner has become my new favorite author. Every one of her books that I have read, I have not been able to put down. This book was no exception. I had been introduced to Rachel Flynn with the 2nd book in this series and I loved her character. With this book the reader really gets to see what it's like to be a single mother. There are so many stereotypes and pre-thinking that society has about unwed mothers who have many children with different fathers. I will even admit, when I read the first chapter I prejudged Marcie to be an unfit mother with the way she treated her kids. But then as you keep reading you see how you cannot group all these mothers in the same category. While there are some that really have no clue how to raise kids, there are others who do everything in their power to help them and just can't keep ends meet. The mystery in this book was very very good, I had no idea who was the culprit and was really surprised to find out who it was and especially whey they did it. I really like Trace and his friends helping out Rachael again with their drawings. I like Fig the best and his "kumquat" nickname for Rachael. I loved his proposal scene and also his weird food choices. The ending indicates that this is the last Rachel Flynn book but I'm hoping there maybe one day there will be more. I really enjoyed this book and Meissner definitely proves that she is a top notch author.

Days and Hours by
Susan Meissner is published by Harvest House (2007)

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