Book Review: "Monday Morning Faith" by Lori Copeland

The Things we do for love

Johanna Holland is 40 years old, a librarian, takes care of her elderly parents and has steady routine with her life. Then her parents decide they'd rather live in assisted living which causes Johanna to rethink her routine. Suddenly her life is really shook up when she meets Sam Littleton who could possibly be her soul mate except for one small thing: he's going to Papua New Guinea to be a medical missionary. Thinking all is lost Johanna begins to withdraw when Sam invites her along with him. This is a journey of faith as Johanna has to step wayyy out of her comfort zone for the man she loves.

I really enjoyed learning about the mission field from this book. I would like to go on a mission trip myself one day but I too am like Johanna, worried about missing the simple comforts of home. I have great respect for missionaries not only for spreading the Gospel but just for being able to sacrifice their wants to help out others. I think that this book realistically showed the life of a missionary and also about how some people are just not called to live that lifestyle. There's nothing wrong with that, you may just be called to serve God in a different setting. I felt that a lot of Johanna's worries and complaints were total legit especially with how Sam treated her once they got into Papua New Guinea. He kept acting like it was her fault that she couldn't adapt as easily as the other women did. So I didn't blame her one bit for getting mad at him. There were lots of laughs and moving moments in this book. This is one of the best Lori Copeland books that I have read. Not only did I enjoy myself with the story, but I learned a lot as well. Highly recommended.

Monday Morning Faith by Lori Copeland is published by Zondervan (2006)


  1. My review of my hands came away red is up now - it might change your mind about a missions trip.....or not!!!

  2. Anonymous3:14 PM

    I always enjoy your reveiws. "Monday Morning Faith" - another book added to my WL at the swap sites.


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