Happy Blogiversary!

Today is my one year anniversary since starting this blog! (In case you're wondering about the dates, I actually wrote that first entry on the 21st but dated it the day before. Please don't think I can't read a calender!) I wrote my first entry just for the fun of it. I had been scanning other blogs online, like Camy Tang's and decided I wanted to try one of my own. My main goal was to blog about the books I read because I figured I'd like others to know about the good books that were out there. I didn't think though that it would last that long, since most things on the internet tend to fizzle out quickly.

Was I wrong! Since then I've written almost 150 book reviews, 33 movie reviews, interviewed 5 authors, had 25 book giveaways and made a TON of new friends. I've joined several blog alliances that have introduced me to lots of new authors I would have never discovered before. And blogging has opened up the window to lots of opportunities to read and review even more books than before. In case you were wondering in 1 year, I've read over 260 books. :)

Also of note, when I first started my blog I had a mere 300 books. As of today I have a whopping 892 count in my collection. That's an accumulation of almost 600 books in one year. At this rate, if I live to be 90 I'll have over 40,000 books. Oh well I can dream can't I?

But thanks to everyone who's visited my blog, entered my contests, added me to their blog roll, left comments, subscribed to my feed, or just lurk every now and then. It's been tons of fun and I'm looking forward to another great year of blogging.


  1. Congratulations! We started our blogs almost at the same time - LOL!! You are doing a great job, my friend!

  2. Way to go, Deborah! *thumbs up*

  3. We love you!!! Amazing isn't it that we started around the same time and you guys were my first cyber pals. Yaay Deb!


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