Book Review: "Where My Heart Belongs" by Tracie Peterson

Don't be so quick to judge

Amy Halbert changed her name, took her share of the family money, and left home for good. Kathy Halbert stayed home, taking care of her ailing parents, giving up her dreams to keep the family together. 12 years later, Amy now called Sunny, returns to find the home she left changed dramatically. Kathy harbors angry feelings towards her sister and vows never to forgive her. However when she finds out what really happen to her sister, the judgment she had previously passed seems too harsh. This is not just another retelling of the prodigal son story.

When I first started reading this book, I felt a sense of de ja vu. Didn't I just read a book this year with a version of the prodigal son story? I figured that this story would be the same like all the others where the prodigal gets treated like royalty while the older sibling is humbled and regrets feeling jealous. Boy was I wrong. This story is hard hitting and very heart wrenching. You can see where both sisters made mistakes in how they chose to live their lives and how they have to pay for their decisions. As the younger sister, Sunny doesn't try to gain sympathy when she tells her sister her story. Older sister Kathy, has every right to be angry in my opinion but the story also shows her as making the same kind of selfish choices her sister made. It puts a new spin on the story which I fully appreciated. As always with Peterson's books, it's a wonderful read with excellent story telling. The only part I didn't like was that the ending felt kind of rushed. You don't see any present interaction with Kathy and Kyle. And it felt a little too everyone is happy for me. I know that the characters have had harsh lives but it just seemed a little fast to close things up. However I really enjoyed this story. It's another winner from Tracie Peterson.

Where My Heart Belongs by Tracie Peterson is published by Bethany House (2007)


  1. Anonymous12:14 AM

    Hadn't heard of this book but it sounds interesting!

    What are you thinking of "Color of the Soul"?? Do you have both books in the series? I found them really interesting...tricky keeping the messy relationships straight but that seemed pretty true to life for the era/story.

  2. it's really good so far. actually quite painful to read about the treatment going on in the south at the time because it's true. i have the 2nd book as well so i'll prally get to it soon.


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