Book Review: "The Restitution" by Marylu Tyndall

A Pirate's Life for Me

Lady Isabel Ashton's illegitimate baby boy has been kidnapped. She finds out it's because of the baby's father, Captain Kent Carlton, a pirate who left her before she had the baby. When he vows to help her rescue their son, Isabel is wary about this because she doesn't trust him. But after finding out that her parents will have nothing to to with getting back their grandson, she realizes that this is the only way to get him back. It's off to a high adventure on the seas with sword fights, storms, attacks from natives and deadly battles.

Arrgh mateys!
Ok I had been putting off reading this series for unknown reasons. I don't know why, I just never got around to the books in my TBR stack. Now after reading this book, I'm going to have to go back and read the first two. This is a highly addictive book about one of my favorite subjects. Pirates have become so "in" in the last few years thanks to Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. In fact, it was hard to read this book without thinking of Pirates of the Caribbean. I kept hearing the theme song in my mind and I kept picturing Kent as Jack Sparrow and Isabel as Elizabeth Swann. But this book had a way better storyline than the 3rd movie. There was so much action and adventure. I felt like I was out in the middle of the ocean, with the descriptions of the sea and the ship so vividly described. The characters are a combination of scalawags and heroes with a damsel in distress. I liked all the characters but my favorites were Hann and the doctor for reasons that you will discover if you read the book. There's a lot of everything in this book. I was really pleasantly surprised after finishing it. Highly recommended especially if you can't get sailing on the high seas out of your mind.

MaryLu Tyndall dreamt of pirates and ships during her childhood days on Florida’s Atlantic Coast. She holds a degree in Math and worked as a software engineer for fifteen years before testing the waters as a writer. Her love of history and passion for story drew her to create the Legacy of the King’s Pirates Series. MaryLu now writes full time and makes her home with her husband and six children on California’s coast, where her imagination still surges with the sea. For more information on MaryLu and her upcoming releases, please visit

The Restitution by Marylu Tyndall is published by Barbour (2007)


  1. Hi Deborah!
    I'm just dropping by to say thank you so much for having me on your blog and for your review of The Restitution! I also saw you posted it on Amazon. Thanks so much! I'm really pleased you enjoyed the story and the characters. Hann and the doc seem to be a lot of people's favorites.

    God Bless,

  2. Loved this one :)


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