Movie Review: "The Wonderful Wizard of Has"

I love how Veggie Tales likes to spoof pop culture. Minnesota Cuke was a great parody of Indiana Jones. And who could forget Lord of the Beans? This time the veggies take on The Wizard of Oz to retell the story of The Prodigal Son.

It's a good retelling in my opinion. I will admit that Junior Asparagus is not really my favorite character. Although he has gotten better in the last few episodes, not as whiny as before. It was funny seeing all the little tidbits from the actual movie turned Veggie style. My favorite was the scene with the flowers before they reach Has, changed into puppies. Because who can resist a cute little puppy (apparently Pa Grape). Let me say that Tutu is the cutest pig ever! I want a pet pig! Watch how he walks and then makes faces. He even beats out the cute penguins from The Toy that Saved Christmas. And the scene where the water gets thrown on the bad guy "Are you melting? No I'm wet!" Laughs galore in this video and there are tons of things that adults will enjoy as well.

I liked the silly song in this one. First off Bob's in it which is very rare. And I loved the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. It's funny because it's true about how young kids will take what you say as verbatim. If it's got a tail it's a monkey, if it doesn't it's an ape. I must be an ape then!

Also funny because I was listening to the commentary at the end of the move with the movie makers and they were discussing the end scene with Bob and Larry. Bob puts on a pair of headphones so he can block out the "What Have We Learned Today Song" while Larry sings along. The commentary had one of the guys saying this was an in joke and if even one person got it they should call in to the Big Idea hot line so that he wouldn't feel like a dork for putting it in. I was tempted to call to make him feel better because it's a hoot listening to the muffled song and Bob looking pleased with himself.

All in all, another fine addition to the Veggie Tales line. Stay turned during the credits to hear Mr. Lunt's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, sure to be come an instant classic :)


  1. Hahaha Deborah...I loved the "field of puppies" too!

  2. I have got it for Chloe for Christmas so pleased to know it is a good one!!

  3. Our grandchildren love the series. We have some of the movies here and would like to add this to the 'favorites' the grandchildren and other tykes visiting our house ask to get to see again and again. Thank you for adding my name to the drawing.
    purensimplenatural at gmail dot com


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