Book Review: "Your Chariot Awaits" by Lorena McCourtney

Check your trunk before you enjoy the ride

Lorena McCourtney is back with a new series that proves that just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you still can't have fun. Andi McConnell has just been laid off from her job. Things are still ok though because she's just inherited a limo from a crazy uncle she barely knows. But before she can enjoy her sweet new ride, she's knocked unconscious and wakes up to find a dead body in her trunk. Now Andi has to be on her guard as her house is ransacked and she's being watched to see if she knew the killer's secrets. With her pregnant tenant and an ex TV detective to back her up, will she be able to find the killer before he gets to her?

This was a wonderfully fun book to read. I love all the characters in this book. Andi, Fitz, and Joella seem like an unlikely threesome that end up gelling well together. Andi is a wonderful character. I love especially that she was dating a guy younger than her in the beginning of the story. She's very feisty and doesn't consider an age to be a problem to her at all. She doesn't act her age basically. Other than the occasional references to her turning 60, I wouldn't have thought of her as being that old at all. I do hope that in the next book Joella is able to play another role because I like her character very much. I think a series on her would be fun to read as well. Fitz reminds me of an aging Magnum PI, not really old but a TV actor who's past his prime. He has good chemistry with Andi and I'm hoping something will come out of it. The action in the book is fast paced especially the last few chapters.

The mystery is very good and I had no clue who the killer really was until the very end. I really admire Andi for still wanting to own that limo even after knowing there was a dead body in it. I would have gotten that car destroyed!
While there isn't as much humor as there was in the Ivy Malone stories, I still laughed a lot while reading this book. How Andi gets the car from her eccentric uncle and his way of distribution made me giggle a lot. Especially funny is the scene when Joella thinks she's in labor but it's really due to bad indigestion. The part when the pair realize how bad their breath really is was a hoot. I really can't wait until the next book comes out in the series. It's given me the urge to go find a limo and ride around now!

Your Chariot Awaits by Lorena McCourtney is published by Thomas Nelson (2007)


  1. Deborah, thanks for the nice comments about YOUR CHARIOT AWAITS. This was a fun book to write, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    Book #2, tentatively titled HERE COMES THE RIDE, is scheduled for release in May, '08.

  2. I'd love to read a story with many emotions as described that this book brings the readers. I love mystery too. Please enter me for a chance to win the book.
    Thank you.
    purensimplenatural at gmail dot com

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Deborah, I've been looking for the next book HERE COMES THE RIDE do you know if it came out or where it's available? I love Lorena, she's got spunk and her books are a joy to read.


    Michelle I

  4. Michelle, I didn't see an email address to write back to you so I hope you check back here. It appeared that publishing at Thomas Nelson did a few switch a roos and Here Comes the Ride was not released as scheduled for earlier this year. I'm not sure if or when it will be scheduled to be released again. I hope so b/c I love Lorena's books too!


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