Movie Review: "Spiderman 3"

You know how I have that self proclaimed ban on going to see any Kirsten Dunst movie in theaters? I nearly broke it for this movie. I mean come on... Tobey Maguire, James Franco AND Topher Grace??? You could not come up with a hotter trio! But alas, I held my stance and waited until the DVD came out. And as much as it would have been wonderful to see scenes of Topher shirtless on the big screen, I kept to my promise.

It was a good movie. Very action packed, way more than the other two combined in my opinion. The fight with the Venom Peter and Harry was very intense because you had two friends who are fighting against each other.

The scenes where Peter uses the black suit and acts strangely emo are slightly embarrassing. When he starts dancing in the street and then the whole scene in the night club, I hid my hands in my face. I felt embarrassed for him because it's so out of character for the dorky Peter Parker. And even though I love the hair and clothes that the Venom suit made him wear, it just did not suit him very well. Also his attitude made him ...well I won't resort to the bad language but you can catch my meaning.

I swear all Kirsten Dunst did in this movie was scream. And I even read online that her screams were reused from the past movies. I didn't feel like her character developed at all. I did feel sorry for her in the nightclub scene but other than that, nothing. I did like Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy. First off she looks completely different than how she did in Lady in the Water. And her character is genuinely nice. I hope she's in the next movie.

I felt bad for the Sandman. He seemed like a villain that didn't really want to be one. He was just doing things because of his daughter. And then he gets changed into a non human now. Just very sad ending for him. Eddie Brock on the other hand is a villain you don't feel sorry for. He wants to kill Peter so he will do anything to have that happen. The Venom suit is actually really scary especially when he opens his mouth. I've read that there might be a spin off for Venom to have his own movie. Hmm..

*This is a Huge spoiler so stop reading if you haven't' watched the movie yet.*

Why did they have to kill off Harry???? I mean right after he makes up with Peter and they became friends again, he has to die. James Franco is so hot. Ok that is all.

If you liked the other films, you'll enjoy this one. If you like hot guys, DEFINITELY watch this movie!


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