Book Review: "Blink of an Eye" by Ted Dekker

Not your normal princess in distress

Miriam lives in Saudi Arabia and is a princess. Seth lives in California and has an IQ that makes him a threat to the government. They are worlds away, almost destined never to meet. But arranged marriages, honor killings, secret flights across the world somehow manage to make the pair end up together. Fast past action, shockingly realistic events make this story a thrill ride to read with a forbidden love story thrown in between.

*Note: This book is a updated re-release of Blink which was originally published a few years ago*

This was my first Ted Dekker book that I have read. Well, I have read House, his collaboration with Frank Peretti, but this is the first full Dekker book that I chose to pickup. This book was actually different that what I thought was going to happen. I know Dekker's other works are more suspenseful or fantasy-ish. I had watched the movie Thr3e and had enjoyed it very much. Reading this book made me feel like I was watching the nightly news. This plot in this story is so relevant to this day and age. I liked Miriam's character very much. Without a doubt, she's one of the strongest female characters I've read in a while. This is mostly because she lives in an environment where she is not supposed to be strong. I was actually glad that Seth was sort of a dorky character. I think previous stories like this have always had an athletic, brawny, strong guy win the princess's heart. Actually there was even a part of me that was scared that if someone from the Middle East were to read this book, they might get insulted. The book was very well researched with regards to culture. This is also an action packed book, where the results can be quite intense and gory. If you have a squeamish stomach, I do not recommend reading this book. There are several scenes where it's almost too difficult to read because you know that scenes like this are taking place in the world. It brings awareness to the plight that many women live on the other side of the world. It really makes you feel grateful for the freedoms we have in our country. While there is a romance story, there is more than enough action to make up for male readers who hate romance. I would recommend this book to those who like a true, could have really happen story. Will definitely be looking forward to the movie of this book when it comes out.

Blink of an Eye by Ted Dekker is published by Thomas Nelson (2007)


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    I loved this book and recommend it as well. If you've only seen the movie Thr3e, you must read the book. I didn't care for the movie as much, but loved the book. I have enjoyed several books by Ted Dekker, but didn't prefer House or Skin. I liked Blessed Child & The Circle Trilogy as well. If you read his books in order, he occasionally to mention characters from past books. He is an excellent writer!

  2. Anonymous5:35 PM

    I was relieved when Seth finally got over that glaring inconsistency about his abilities disproving God's divinity... that would have been a hole in the plot!

    looking forward to reading Ted Dekker's "Thr3e"


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