Book Review: "Home to Holly Springs" by Jan Karon

We're on our way back home

Father Tim has left Mitford and all he loves. He's gone back to his hometown of Holly Springs, Mississippi to rediscover his roots. The reader is taken on a journey where Father Tim tries to reconnect with his past and find out more about his parents and those he used to love. Flashbacks help to flesh out the whole story about the man readers have grown to love. Along the way, he makes a shocking discovery that will change his life forever.

I got started reading the Jan Karon books about three and a half years ago thanks to my boyfriend's mother. I had considered reading them for a while before that but I had just never gotten around to it. Also, other women I had worked with in my church library said I was too young to read the books. But my BF's mom told me I would really like them. So I broke down and read the first Mitford book. And I loved it. Since at this point all the books were out I proceeded to read all 9 books in 3 months. When I finished the last book, I was delighted to hear that there would be a new series with Father Tim and I was eagerly awaiting the release of it. The book is a bit slow in the beginning. Since this novel is focusing almost entirely on Father Tim, there is little mention of all the Mitford characters we've grown to love. And that is a little difficult at first because you miss hearing about all the familiar names and going ons in Mitford. Luckily Father Tim does have frequent calls with Cynthia so we still get to hear from her and he brings along Barnabas as well, so there is a familiar doggy face with us.

The story is interesting because we get to learn more about a man that we thought we knew everything about. I liked the flashbacks as we learn more about Father Tim's childhood, his relationship with his parents, and what it was like for him growing up in the south.
There was a bit of confusion for me because there were two characters named Peggy. I could not figure out for a couple of chapters which one was which. There is also some mild cursing in this book so be prepared for some peppery language sprinkled throughout. There is a shocking revelation at the end, one that I found very surprising. It will be interesting to see how this will be played out in future books especially with interaction from the Mitford crew. If you are a Mitford fan, then I would definitely recommend picking up this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking very forward to when the next book comes out.

Home to Holly Springs by Jan Karon is published by Viking Press(2007)


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  2. sorry but unfortunately i'm not giving this book as a book giveaway. i don't even have a copy for myself yet! i will let you know when i do book giveaways, always look for the first post for those.

  3. oh goodness gracious. that was my boyfriend being a dork in the first comment, please ignore him lol


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