Nancy Drew Challenge February Recap

The Nancy Drew Challenge is a reading challenge for 2010 for readers to attempt to read all 56 original yellow hardbacks that were in the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. Click here for more information or to sign up for the challenge. At the end of each month, I will put up a post where participants of the challenge can recap how they did during that month.

The second month of the Nancy Drew Challenge ends today. How did you guys do this month?

Today was a rather slow month for me Nancy Drew wise. I only read two books this month for the challenge - The Clue in the Diary and Nancy's Mysterious Letter. This is not due to lack of interest but because I was trying to read for the young adult challenge and had several library books that had to be read quickly because of due dates. I have checked out the next 10 books so I'll be all set for March.

Thoughts about the two books I read
- We are introduced to Ned Nickerson (Nancy's "special male friend") in The Clue in the Diary. He's obviously smitten with Nancy from the beginning but she seems to be reluctant to develop a relationship. Interestingly Ned is first mentioned in The Secret of Shadow Ranch but it appears to have been a misprint as he doesn't meet Nancy til Diary.
- BTW Ned's kind of a wimp.
- Ned and his two friends who eventually become Bess and George's boyfriends go to college. Girls appear to also be at that school. I know we mentioned that Nancy, Bess and George might be "kept daughters" but it does make one wonder why they never consider going to college.
- Really "liked" how the mailmen back in the day gets to go through everyone's mail before delivering it.

Anywho next month will be a lot better for me in terms of reading. I'm actually halfway through The Sign of the Twisted Candles already. Still enjoying reading them!


  1. This month I only got as far as re-watching the 2007 movie version of Nancy.

    This coming month though I hope to read a couple more stories about Nancy. *crossing fingers*

    I'm glad you give us a chance to evaluate where we are on a monthly basis. It helps! Thanks.

  2. Ned is only there to provide muscle, don't ya know? :)
    I read 6 this month. So far so good.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    I read 8-10 and 12-15. The Broken Locket just came in, so I set!

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I have read 10 - 15. better get busy and read more.


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