Book Review: "Angel's Den" by Jamie Carie

In 1808, when Emma meets and marries Eric Montclaire (the famed "most handsome man west of the Appalachians"), this young daughter of prominent St. Louis citizens believes a fairy tale has just begun. Instead, her husband's angelic looks quickly prove only to mask a monstrous soul all too capable of possessive emotions and physical abuse. Praying for mercy, she is devastated when Eric insists on her joining his yearlong group expedition to the Pacific Ocean, following the trail Lewis and Clark blazed just a few years earlier. By the time cartographer Luke Bowen realizes Emma's plight, it's too late to easily untangle what has become an epic web of lies, theft, murder, courtroom drama, and a deep longing for love. Only God can show them the way out.

I am a huge fan of Jamie Carie's books and I love to recommend her stories to those who enjoy Christian romances but are tired of the same old plot. Jamie's books are akin to those of Julie Lessman and Deeanne Gist, authors who aren't ashamed to let their character experience the passion of love and aren't restricted to chaste kisses that are immediately regretted.

This book wonderfully portrays the edgy romance that Jamie is known for. If you are expecting a safe romance, you need to find another book. The characters in this book experience the ups and downs of love, the harsh cruelties of love lost and the yearning of longing for love. Emma and Luke are very likable characters while Eric is the true villain of the story. Don't worry about feeling frustrated with how situations are handled because justice is served by the end. The historical part of the story is not really a big factor as is the basis of the setting. This might disappoint readers looking for a more historical read but it is not a problem for the book. The romance is the main part of the story and is done extremely well. There's a lot of drama in the book and you really get swept up into the story.

There are scenes dealing with characters growing in faith and their walk with God but I felt that they were crucial to the story and not added preachiness. Overall I really enjoyed this book. This is the type of historical romance that's heavy on the romance that I enjoy. The story is not fake, the characters are real, and the passion is very much there. Again, if you are looking for Christian romance that really speaks to you, pick up this book as well as Jamie's other books. You won't be disappointed.

Angel's Den
by Jamie Carie is published by B and H Publishing (2010)

This ARC was provided by the publisher


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