Book Review: "Dawn's Light" by Terri Blackstock

In the final book of the Restoration Series, the end of a global electrical blackout signals the beginning of the Branning family's ultimate test. Murder and affairs of the heart form the backdrop for a family sifting through the lessons they have learned--and how well they have truly learned them.

I have been eagerly awaiting the finale of this Restoration series for the past few years. I really enjoyed the first book and the sequels that followed because they showcased a world that many today could not imagine living in. The story has been following one main family, The Brannings, throughout the series and readers have seen how they have had to adapt to world they are not used to. In this book, relief and a sense of back to normalcy is finally coming to the world as scientists have been able to find a way to bring back electricity and stop the global technology blackout that has been plaguing Earth.

I was very surprised at some of the events that happened in this book. The first major incident that happened totally caught me off guard because I did not see it coming at all. In fact after reading it, I was just in shock because something happened to a major character that is not even hinted at anywhere from the descriptions of the book. The mystery and actions that surrounded this event were interesting to read as it brought out the true nature and actions of certain characters. The other main storyline featured Deni's two suitors but I felt that the storyline has always been predictable considering this love triangle.

Overall it was a decent end to the series. Questions were finally answered although I felt that the overall explanation for the worldwide outage was a bit hard to take in. I suppose that it could be possible for something from space to cause destruction like that but at the same time it still was a bit far fetched. Still this series has really made me realize how dependent on technology our society is and how much we use it to hide away from our real problems. If you have read the other books in the series, you will want to read this book to tie up all loose ends.

Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock is published by Zondervan (2008)

This ARC was provided by the publisher


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