Book Review: "All Things Hidden" by Tricia Goyer

Charlotte is cleaning out the basement of Bedford Community Church when she comes across a tattered and yellowed newspaper article. The clipping, published more than a century ago, implicates her great-great-grandfather in the loss of funds intended to help finish building the church. Charlotte has heard stories about the incident through the years, but now it seems the past has come back to haunt her. Is it just her imagination or are people treating her differently now that they think she’s descended from a crook? Will Charlotte be able to clear her family’s name once and for all?

Meanwhile, Sam is spending time with a new girl in town—and is keeping secrets from his grandparents about where they go. Christopher is trying to get an article published in the local paper, and Emily reluctantly partners with a foreign exchange student on a class project and eventually comes to see that they’re not that different after all. As old secrets are brought to light, the whole family is reminded that the truth is often more complicated than it seems.

I cannot get enough of this series. I know I say this every time I review a book from this series, but it's true. Each time I read a volume in this series, I speed through it really fast because I can't put it down. I must say, I am a bit biased to the books written by Tricia, mainly because I'm familiar with her books which I have all enjoyed. This one was again no exception.

Again what I think is best about Tricia's books is due to her experience at working with teens, Sam and Emily are the most realistic when she writes. I really love how Tricia incorporated her experience with a Czech foreign exchange student into this book. Emily takes a while to get used to Andrea but soon discovers that learning about a different culture is fun and enlightening. I really enjoyed how she becomes friends with a former nemesis. Hopefully a certain other person will get their due soon or a change of heart. I was also very excited to hear that Dana and Pete were finally getting married. I have missed out on a couple books in the series so I have missed that whole storyline so I'm hoping to one day be able to catch up.
The whole plot line involving Sam and his new friend was quite interesting. Mainly because it went a way I was NOT expecting. I'm also interested as to what Sam is going to do now that he's 18. I wonder if he will go off to college or stay at the farm. It will be interesting to see where that storyline ends up going.

Once again, Charlotte seems to prejudge someone before she actually meets them. You'd think she'd have learned her lesson by now, but apparently it seems to happen in almost every book! Still though, what I like best about her is Charlotte's ability to admit when she is wrong. She always is willing to look at other point of view and see where she made mistakes. She loves her grandchildren very much and is willing to change her lifestyle to make them comfortable. It appears that she has completely accepted Emily's vegetarianism as she makes a separate dish for her at every meal.

Overall, I was really pleased with this book. I have called this series comfort reading due to both all the food that is mentioned as well as the great feeling you get while reading it. I have enjoyed every trip I've taken to Heather Creek and I wish that I could visit there in real life. I will have to just wait to take another return visit through another book.

All Things Hidden by
Tricia Goyer is published by Guideposts (2009)

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