Book Review: "Swinging on a Star" by Janice Thompson

Bella Rossi's life is nearing perfection. She's got the perfect guy, she's running a successful business, and she's about to plan her most ambitious wedding yet, a Renaissance-themed fairy tale come true, complete with period costumes and foods, horse-drawn carriages, and even a castle. There's just one hitch. The best man just happens to be Brock Benson, Hollywood's hottest and most eligible bachelor. Oh, and did we mention he's staying at the Rossi house to avoid the paparazzi? With all the pressure surrounding this wedding, Bella's not sure she's going to make it through. Add her starstruck sister, her feuding aunt and uncle, and a trio of large, sequined church ladies with even bigger personalities, and you've got a recipe for disaster--and a lot of laughs. This hilarious romantic comedy is sure to delight both fans and new readers alike.

The previous book in this series, Fools Rush In, was one of my top ten reads of 2009 so I was uber excited to read the second book in the series. I was definitely not disappointed when I finished reading the book. The Rossi family reminds me of the family from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where they are very close knit and with all their quirks and unique personalities. It was so fun reading the adventures of Bella's wedding planning services. I'm not sure if I would ever order an over the top wedding like some of these folks but all the same it was a hoot to see it being put together. That's one of the key features about this book - the humor. There's lots of it sprinkled throughout the story and it makes the book way fun to read.

I LOVED how the Food Network was incorporated in the story. I was really excited that real shows, including some of my favorites, were mentioned and that fake shows and stars were not made up just to fill space. I think that I would totally bond with Rosa due to our mutual love of the Food Network and all things food. At the very least I would love to eat one of her meals and would probably die from gluttony if I was part of her family. One of my favorite parts of the book involved the subplot with Rosa and Laz and their bickering love/hate relationship. I really loved where that story line went in this book and will look forward to read more about them.

The key factor about this book that made it a winner to me was how realistic this book was portrayed. This book is not a straight up romance. It is more a blend of chick lit and contemporary romance. Bella is not a woman who depends solely on her man to keep her going in life. She runs her own business and is very capable of taking of herself (well for the most part). She loves her boyfriend but as clearly shown throughout the book, or there are times when she can deal without him in order to get by. There are many situations in the book where I could really relate to what Bella was saying or doing because I probably would have done the same things myself. This story would appeal very much to a 20-30 something age set although older audiences will enjoy the story as well. Pretty much, if you're looking for a story where there is a fantasy to the love story, you're not going to find it here. This book is all about finding love, done is a fun yet realistic way. HIGHLY recommended and I cannot wait until the third book comes out!

Swinging On a Star by Janice Thompson is published by Revell (2010)

This review copy was provided by the publisher


  1. This book sounds like tons of fun! I haven't read the first though so perhaps I should start there?

    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. This sounds really cute!

  3. I remember reading your review of Fools Rush In and thinking that the book sounded so cute...I'm glad to see that the second in the series lived up to your expectations. You hit on one of my major pet peeves -- I HATE it when authors come up with fake pop culture references. I'm definitely going to look into these.

  4. I think that what makes the story interesting is the possibility of flaws with the main character. Having that kind of perfect life always has this door for disaster. It's so exciting to find out what could happen beyond the perfect life she's living. Reality. That's what makes it interesting for me.


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