Movie Review: "Wild Hogs"

I knew I wanted to see this movie after seeing the trailer. It made me laugh really hard, there are top quality actors in this movie and the plot did not look stupid. I mean you can't really beat that can you?

This movie made me nearly die from laughing. There are so many laugh out loud moments that I can't even name them all. William H. Macy's character is just a trip. You know this right from the beginning when the foursome are riding along in the neighborhood and he hits his head on the For Sale sign. Then his scene with the computer in the coffeehouse. And pretty much everything he does during the road trip. I"m a huge Tim Allen fan so of course everything he does is hilarious. The swimming in the lake scene is down right funny (until the police guy showed up...ugh). I loved the Extreme Home Makeover bit at the end. I really really cracked up during that part. Oh you did realize that was Peter Fonda at the end and he was referring to Easy Rider right?

At first when I saw this movie, I was wondering why is Martin in it? He's 10 years younger than the other actors and I just thought it was rather odd. But he ends up gelling with the others and it's nice to seem him in a rather subdued non cross dressing role. I also don't know why all the females in this movie are 20 years younger than the male characters. I like Jill Hennessey and Marisa Tomei but they're in their 30s while Tim Allen and William H. Macy are in their 50s. Did the producers think that older women would not be able to attract middle age men? There are also several gay jokes that are very uncomfortable, and male butts being shown. There is quite a bit of cursing going on as well so I wouldn't recommend young kids to watch this. However I think that most adults will get laughs as they see themselves as these characters: Trying to live your life to the fullest and not be tied down while still having a good time.


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