Book Review: "Notes from a Spinning Planet - Ireland"

Erin go Bragh

Nineteen year old Maddie is traveling to Ireland with her Aunt Sid and Ryan, her aunt's godson. Her aunt is researching the peace camps affected by the Irish conflict with the Protestants and the Catholics. Meanwhile Maddie and Ryan explore the Irish countryside and discover the beautiful country while learning about the people and the culture. While there Ryan discovers his Irish roots and the story about his father and mother. Maddie and him then discover the truth about the IRA bomb that killed his father and what really happened to the man Sid loved.

I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I really want to see the green hills and listen to bagpipes and see the sheep. In fact I've already made plans to go to Ireland for my honeymoon one day. Heh. Reading this book was like taking the trip from my armchair. I learned lots about the culture and the people from reading. Little tidbits like stores not having bottled water or biking tours made the book more authentic like a guidebook. I learned quite a bit from reading this book about the IRA. I always used to get them confused with the IRS. This book made me understand more about what the conflict is going on in that country and how religion is a big factor in the fighting. It was sad to read about all those affected by the fighting. I also appreciated how the situation with drinking was portrayed. I understand how Maddie felt about seeing Ryan and her aunt drinking and being uncomfortable. But I also liked it how Maddie had to struggle with trying to explain why just having one drink is wrong. No one ever forced her to drink a beer, she did it on her own and then found out she didn't like it. I could have told Maddie that Guinness is horrible tasting, exactly how she described it! Drinking is not promoted in this book at all, it just gives a view that maybe as Christians we should find out why we say no to something before condemning others. I really enjoyed reading this book. It definitely makes me want to go to Ireland now more than ever. Teens will really enjoy reading this series.

Notes from a Spinning Planet - Ireland by Melody Carlson is published by Waterbrook (2006)


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    you make me want to read this one...might have to give it a go sometime! are you planning a giveaway? ;)

  2. perhaps....keep checking!


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