Book Review: "Beyond Reach" by Melody Carlson

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Samantha MacGregor feels drained from the visions she's been getting from God and prays for a break. But then Ebony, her police contact, tells her about a cold case where a suicide looks to be more suspicious that what was investigated. Samantha can't figure out how she can help out with this case until she gets a vision of a guy jumping off a bridge. The problem is that every guy she meets seems to fit that description. She begins to look into reasons of why someone would contemplate suicide and realizes that the answers may be closer than she thinks.

This is another superior novel from Melody Carlson. The book starts off with an action packed scene in a airplane involving terrorists and it doesn't stop there. Suicide is a topic that no one likes to talk about but that teens face everyday. The topic of the violence in video games was very much appreciated. I cannot understand how parents knowingly allow their kids to get games with so much killing and gore in it. I felt for Garrett and the situation with his father. I shudder to think how many people are in his situation due to verbal abusive from family members. The characters in this series are really realistic and likable. I like the subplots involving Olivia and her quest to get into the band. Samantha again shows how mature of a teenager she is especially involving situations with her mother and brother. Most people would end up suffering from being in a dysfunctional family. This is one of the best teen fiction books out there, serious with hard hitting issues yet entertaining at the same time. Melody Carlson has really outdone herself.

Beyond Reach by Melody Carlson is published by Multnomah (2007)


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