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(Faithwords August 2007)



John grew up in Mississippi cotton country. After graduating from Mississippi State, he received an Air Force commission and has recently retired after flying twenty-eight years for a major airline. He lives in Texas with his wife, Nan.


AND IF I DIE is the third book in the Black and White Chronicles. The first was Abiding Darkness (August, 2006), the second was Wedgewood Grey (February, 2007).

In 1945, a spirit voice told Mr. A. J. Mason to “Be ready.”

In 1960, the spirit drew near and said the same words to the same man. “Be ready.”

On both occasions Mason ended up in bloody battles with the forces of evil. On both occasions, he saved the life of a young girl named Missy Parker. And on both occasions good people died.

It’s 1968.Missy Parker has been married to Dr. Patrick Patterson for nine years; they live in Denton, Texas. Missy plays tennis and golf; Pat is chairman of the philosophy department at North Texas State University.

Mose Washington, a black man Missy refers to as her almost-daddy, is hiding behind a new name—Mose Mann. Mose and the young black man who poses as his grandson have spent eight years successfully evading the FBI, a murderous congresswoman, and creatures from the demonic realm. They now live in Pilot Hill, Texas—fifteen miles from Pat and Missy. Mose is committing the autumn of his life to the pursuit of the knowledge of God and the protection of his “grandson”. His “grandson” is interested in honing his skills as a bull rider.

Close friends see portents of danger in events of the early summer and converge on Pilot Hill to warn the two black men that yet another confrontation with malevolent beings may be looming.

In the pre-dawn hours, on the second day of the North Texas Rodeo, the voice of an invisible being speaks to Missy Parker Patterson. The voice warns her that it is now she, not A. J. Mason, who has been chosen as the person who needs to “Be ready” . . . and Missy doesn’t want the job.


  1. This books sounds like an awesome read. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks

  2. Contests = fun. Especially when the book is as promising as this one. Yay.


  3. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I have never heard of this author before. It looks interesting. I run a book club so I'm always looking for good books. Please enter me to win this one. Thanks


  4. Sounds good! Please enter me in the drawing.


  5. Oooh...pick me,pick me! Free books!

    Frugalreader- jfortner

  6. wow, this one is out already? sign me up!


  7. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Sounds very interesting...and scary!! Please enter me also. Thanks. aliadam from FR

  8. I loved the first book in this series. Please enter me in the contest.


  9. I really really REALLY want to win this book. I NEED it because I've already read the previous ones in the series and I have worked up an appetite that MUST be quenched! (smile) Obviously, I can vouch that this series RAWKS!

  10. Anonymous11:55 PM

    What a scary and interesting book!! This might mean I will have to go out and buy the first two in the series.

    Thanks for the contest

  11. Anonymous2:07 AM

    please enter me!

  12. Looks interesting. I think I've seen this book around somewhere and meant to read it. Then I forgot about it.

  13. oh please enter me!!

    daniellecentral [at]


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