Movie Review: "The Last Sin Eater"

I read The Last Sin Eater by Francine Rivers ages ago. I enjoyed it when I originally read it but I remember that I had difficulty understanding it first. I had never heard of a Sin Eater before so I was confused plus the accents of the characters is written into their speech so I had trouble reading with the flow. But I do remember I really enjoyed reading the book as Francine Rivers is one of my all time favorite authors.

So when I heard this book was becoming a movie I was excited. Although I would have been more excited if her Mark of the Lion series came out but I suppose that might be too risque for Christian viewers. I enjoyed watching the movie. I'm always afraid of adaptations because they either leave huge chunks out or change the story completely. I never understand why the plot gets changed, if you are trying to lure in readers of the book to watch the movie, you will only anger them.

Since it's been a while since I read the book, I didn't really notice any huge differences. One big thing though is they did not show Cadi's brother but since I can barely remember what he did in the book, it doesn't really hurt the movie. I was disappointed however that they didn't explain what happens to everyone in the end. The elder Cadi is narrating the story to her granddaughter but this is never mentioned at all. The viewers won't know about the family connections that the readers will remember. The final scene in graveyard isn't as anticlimactic as it was portrayed in the book. I also suppose they wanted to have a happy ending involved the Kai.

The movie making itself is lovely. The scenery is beautiful especially the shots of the mountain. They chose a beautiful setting. However the scene with the log over the river had a horrible special effects scene shot. It was so obviously it was set on a blue screen and it looked really bad. I wish they could have fixed it, it was so blatantly obvious it ruined the moment. But other than this, it's an excellent movie. The scene that really affected me was the Indian massacre. It chills you at how evil that guy was. The acting is quite good. The girl who plays Cadi is wonderful. I recommend this movie for fans of the book and for those that enjoy a good family movie.


  1. Anonymous1:02 AM

    i already really want to see this movie and i really, really want to read the book! do you recommend seeing the movie before reading the book if you're going to do both or the other way around??

  2. I had the teenage girls from church over to watch this movie last month. I'd say about the same things as you. Did you know, though? That almost all of the actors are American? The little girl is from TX! I realize that it's set in the US, but I can't imagine finding those accents still authentically around in most actors. I wonder if they were *all* fake? I was pretty impressed.

  3. Hey Deb :) Like the new pic - very cool!!! I reread the book recently and enjoyed it a lot more than the first time I read it.

  4. I enjoyed it too, but I thought the book was a lot better. I love to read a book, then watch the movie after and compare what I imagined to the way the movie interprets the story.


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