Book Review: "Notes from a Spinning Planet - Mexico" by Melody Carlson

Fun in the Sun

Maddie is going on yet another trip with her Aunt Sid. Except this time its for fun and relaxation in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Maddie is prepared for beaches, sun, and tropical drinks and is even more excited when Ryan is due to show up. However, the vacation is not all that's cracked up to be. First the timeshare location is rundown and not managed well. Then Ryan's ex girlfriend shows up making Maddie feel like a plain Jane third wheel. But Shelby has a secret that puts the pretty face facade to shame. Maddie has to fight feelings of jealousy in order to help her do the right thing.

I think that this was my favorite book out of the series. With this story, Maddie was able to enjoy herself and seek out social justice at the same time. The whole situation with Francesca's sisters and the orphanage sounded really sketchy. I wonder how many similar situations take place and it makes me worry that people will not use money correctly. I was really glad that the subject of binge drinking was brought up. In previous books, drinking one or two beers was not seen as a problem. However with this book, Shelby has become an alcoholic and refuses to admit it until Sid threatens her with drastic measures. Even an allergic reaction that almost kills her doesn't stop her. Sadly this is how many teens view their own lives. They don't care if something harms them as long as it makes them feel like it's giving a good time. But I really love how I can relate to these books. The feelings that Maddie had whenever Shelby was around her and Ryan, I think almost every girl has felt that way. And no matter how Christian a guy will be, just like Ryan they will always seem to give more attention to the prettier girl that seems to flaunt herself. It's a typical guy thing that will sadly never change, lol. I found the timeshare bit quite funny. I don't think I could get out of one of those as well as Sid could have. I really hope there will be another book in this series. There's so many other places that Maddie and Sid should travel to. I would highly recommend this book for older teens.

Notes from a Spinning Planet - Mexico by Melody Carlson is published by Waterbrook (2007)


  1. These are such great books!

  2. P.S. Aren't you a cutie!I like your new pic! Makes me want to go to the beach! (I'll stop shouting at you now.)


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