Book Review: "She Who Watches" by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James

Mac is Back

Sara Watson has disappeared from her home. Because she is the niece of the state senator, this attracts more media attention and makes the case more high profile. Detectives Mac McAllister and Dana Bennett are called in to help the FBI with the investigation. When her body is found near an Indian reservation questions begin to rise about who the killer is and the connections it might have to her senator uncle. The final entry in the MacAllister does not disappoint.

This was an excellent suspense novel. It was like watching a TV show, CSI comes to mind. The detective work is serious not cheesy with the police actually being competent and not bumbling characters. Mac and Dana make a good team and the secondary characters add more dimension to the story as well. The forensics team in this series is awesome. I've learned quite a bit from reading the descriptions of what the medical examiners discover. I will admit there are some grisly images but it keeps in with reality. Especially creepy was the scene where they dug up the body in the flowerbed. I honestly had no clue who the culprit really was and was quite shocked by the result. I had to flip back and catch up on clues.

The writing is top notch with suspense, humor, and realism all blended together. I did like how Mac's relationships finally came to a agreement. Throughout the whole series you never knew who he was going to end up with. I also appreciated the explanations about Native American religions and ways of life.
I'm really sad that the series is over. I love Patricia Rushford's novels and this series is definitely a favorite. I think it'd be really cool to have her four detectives get together in a book - Jennie McGrady, Helen Bradley, Mac, and Angel Delaney. She is one of the best mystery authors out there.

She Who Watches by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James is published by Thomas Nelson (2006)


  1. Sounds interesting.

  2. Have you read the entire series? If not, you'll LOVE the other three...I thought this was the weakest of the bunch, and I still enjoyed it.


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