Fall Into Reading Challenge Wrapup

Well the Fall Reading Challenge finally came to an end yesterday. These were the 18 books I originally set forth to read back in September:

Terminal 9 by Patricia Rushford and Harrison James
Sassy Cinderella and the Valiant Vigilante by Sharon Dunn
Under the Northern Lights by Tracie Peterson
Maggie's Story by Dandi Daley MacKall
Sadie-in-Waiting by Annie Jones
The Begotten by Lisa T. Bergren
Impasse by Laurel Oke Logan
Caught in the Middle by Gayle Roper
Dreaming in Black and White by Laura Jensen Walker
Allah's Fire by Gayle Roper
The Potluck Club by Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson
Interior Motives by Ginny Aiken
The Prophet by Francine Rivers
Savannah Comes Undone by Denise Hildreth
Pitch Black by Melody Carlson
Entangled by Tracie Peterson
Sahm I am by Meredith Efken
The Trouble With Tulips
by Mindy Starns Clark

However I ended up reading....44 books from September 24 until yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's not even including books I had to read for school!! Check out all the reviews I have on my blog for them.

The best book you read this Fall - Far and away the books by Meredith Efken: SAHM I AM and @Home for the Holidays.

Amber Miller is hosting a giveaway for @Home for the Holidays. Enter to win what I've declared the best book I've read all year!

The book you could have lived without - I made a choice not to read a book I wouldn't like but if I had to pick one, I didn't really like it would be Dee Henderson's Before I Wake

Whether or not you read more than you would have without the challenge - Well I know for sure I would have put off the books I had in my Reading Challenge Lineup. I read more but I made it a point to finish the ones on the list.

The best thing about joining in the challenge - Seeing books other people listed and forcing myself to read the books on my list.

If you discovered (and enjoyed) a new book or author after reading someone else's list - I liked seeing all the new books on people's list and I was greatly surprised and pleased there are lots of people out there who read Christian fiction too!

Any other insights, enjoyments, thoughts, or impressions! - This was lots of fun! Looking forward to the spring challenge!!!


  1. I agree that this was a lot of fun. You read a LOT!

  2. Thanks for the update, Deborah - and WOW, you read a ton of books! I'm very impressed! Thanks for being part of the challenge. Can't wait to see your line-up for Spring!

  3. WOWZERS! 44 books in that short amount of time, I'm totally amazed and in awe! Looks like some good books, and I'm going to check out several on your list. I have seen Francine Rivers name many times, so I am going to look into reading some of hers. Do you have one you'd recommend as one to start with? I also want to read some Tracie Peterson too. So many books, so little time!

    Merry Christmas to you Deborah!

  4. Anonymous3:04 AM

    Wow - that's a lot of books! Good for you!
    I think I'll be watching your blog for more book reviews . . . I love a great reader!
    Thanks and blessings to you!

  5. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Wow!! You read a lot!!!

    I'm sorry you didn't like Before I Wake. I enjoyed it though not as much as the O'Malley series of hers. I didn't like that it ended with the two main plot lines hanging -- I didn't know it was setting up for a sequel and it left me with an unresolved feeling.

    I've read the Potluck Club and at first had mixed emotions about it. It was good to see the characters' growth.

    I've read a lot of Tracie Peterson but not sure about the ones on your list.

    Great list!

  6. Wow, what a lot of books!!!! Thanks for your update. Looking forward to seeing you Spring list!


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