Book Review: "Sadie-in-Waiting" by Annie Jones

Sisterly Road Trip

Sadie is feeling kinda glum. She's living in a small town, just got appointed graveyard superintendent (who really wants that job?), and she's having trouble raising her two teens. Plus she's suspecting her husband of an affair and her eccentric dad is driving her and her sisters, April and Hannah, absolutely nuts. The sisters are close but Sadie is given the most responsibility over their father, who took care of them after their mother left them when they were little. Since they are never allowed to discuss their mother, the sisters are kept in the dark as to why she left them long ago. One day when their dad leaves to go find their mother, Sadie and her sisters go to track him down. On their road trip they discover things about themselves they didn't know and learn to strengthen their relationship with each other and with their families back home.

I liked that there were 3 sisters in this book, just like in my family. You see how each sister fit their role as youngest, middle, and oldest perfectly. I'm glad finally took charge and stood up for herself against her daughter, her husband, her sisters, and the townspeople. Small town settings where everyone always knows each other are always interesting to me because I live in largely populated area. It's always refreshing to read about simpler lifestyles. I also liked how the sisters grew closer together as they find out the truth about their mother. A very touching and moving scene. Family is the most important thing in the world. I felt that this book wasn't really chick lit or mom lit. It was more a women's fiction type of book. Still I enjoyed it and am ready to read about Hannah's story in "Mom Over Miami."

Sadie-In-Waiting by Annie Jones is published by Steeple Hill (2004)


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