Book Review: "Before I Wake" by Dee Henderson

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Murder in Small Town X

Rae Gabriella has come to the small town of Justice, Illinois to escape her past as a former FBI agent. She finds a job with her former boyfriend Bruce as a private investigator. Thinking she can finally settle down, Rae begins to relax and discovers she has a sharing interest with both Bruce and the town's sheriff Nathan. Then a dead body is found in the same hotel Rae is staying at. When more deaths are being discovered and cannot be explained, the three end up working together to find out who and what is behind the murders.

I thought this book gave an interesting look into the drug industry. The reader learns a lot about how drugs are made, marketed and sold unsuspectingly. One has to be careful about the samples they eat. It was interesting that all the clues and suspects were right there, and no one picks up on it. However, I didn't like how the book ended rather abruptly. While we find out who the killer is, there seems to be a bigger story behind that which we find next to nothing about. If there is going to be a sequel, great. I just felt rather unsatisfied with the ending. I also didn't feel Rae having any chemistry with either of the two men. She seems like the type of woman that can take of herself and doesn't need anyone. I'll read the next book, if there is one, but I'd recommend Henderson's O'Malley series to new readers.

Before I Wake by Dee Henderson is published by Tyndale (2006)


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