Book Review: "Cow Crimes and the Mustang Menace" by Sharon Dunn

Father Knows Best? Maybe not.

Ruby Taylor is at it again. In her third book, as she and Wesley are trying to figure out their relationship, Ruby stumbles across a string of robberies targeting her work. This leads to her finding out a town's shady history involving a murder. Amid a missing bull and a county fair involving potato recipes, Ruby tries to find out who is committing all the robberies and how it somehow connect to that story from yesteryear. Her attempts at sleuthing lead to comical and scary situations.

This was such a great book. I like Ruby more and more with each book in the series. I liked her friendship with Starlight and I was glad that Ruby kept trying to point out to Wes that he needed to stop suspecting them just because they were new in town. The whole scentless hairspray made me curious as well as to how it works. I don't want to spoil the ending but the reasons for all the "activities" happening in the area had a sad story behind it. You almost feel sorry for the perpetrators. It's intersting to think how much a father's acknowledgment means to someone.

I am glad that Ruby had realistic reactions to the way Wesley reacted in the beginning of the story. He doesn't tell her where he's gone so of course she's worried and angry when she does find him. I also want to know if they ever have a talk about the letter that Ruby found. If Wesley feels that he has to be a perfect Christian, this might hinder their relationship. I was also glad that Ruby found the Proverbs 31 woman slightly frustrating as well. As good of a role model as that passage is, sometimes I think some Christian women strive too much to attain that status. While Ruby's faith is tested many times, she doesn't lose it instead it helps her to grow.
I hoping there's another Ruby Taylor mystery in the future.

Cow Crimes and the Mustang Menace by Sharon Dunn is published by Kregel (2005)


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