Movie Review: "Stranger than Fiction"

I had just seen Elf prior to seeing this movie. So the image of Will Ferrell I had was one of him in green tights screaming because he had just squirted perfume in his mouth. The previews however looked like Will Ferrell was making his "serious" movie turn a la Jim Carrey in The Truman show. I saw this movie mainly because I wanted to see if Ferrell could really act (and not just be Ricky Bobby).

I felt the premise of the movie was very creative, entertaining, and educational. I learned quite a bit about literature from the movie. Many authors have written how they liked the movie because of its authenticity as to how the process of writing a book happens. Since I have never attempted to write a book, I will take their word for it. If this movie shows how hard it is to write a book, I'm not sure if I will attempt to write one. (Well as long as none of my characters ever show up on my doorstep)

I liked the indie feel this film had. Even with all the big names and special effects it still felt small and close knit. I especially liked the scene when Harold gives Ana "flours" as a gift. It was very creatively cute. There were funny scenes but not crude humor from other Ferrell movies. And the ending gives you a lot to think about too. Actually I also was wondering, if he's a character from her book, did she create him from the beginning of his whole life, or one she starting writing he showed up? I'm confused.

The only thing I didn't like was Maggie Gyllenhaal's character in the beginning of the film. I am fine with people having their own opinions and disagreements with the way the government is run. What I didn't like was the fact that she had broken the law, refused to admit it and made it sound like it was Harold's fault. And somehow it is aimed that the audience is supposed to agree with her. Also what was up with the locker room shower scene? Did we really need to see naked old guys? Did that enhance the story plot?

It's always nice when comic actors take a serious turn. This shows they are truly talented. Will Ferrell has shown that he can really act no matter what the role. This man deserves nominations for his role.


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