Book Review: "Theodora's Baby" by Penny Culliford

Swap chocolate for a baby

Theo and Kevin have just gotten married and now are expecting a baby! Being pregnant isn't all fun and games for the couple. It means Theo can't stand the sight of chocolate! The couple are going through their first days of marriage and already they are having issues. From Kevin not wanting Theo to write in her diary to Theo leaving for a few days because Kevin wouldn't fix the bathroom, the newlyweds sound like their having lots of fun in their new life. With Theo's pregnancy comes cravings for weird food, having to wear Charity-like maternity clothing (gasp!), trying to find a job that will take her in her "condition" and her sister-in-law getting pregnant at the same time. Plus Declan keeps showing up. Thank goodness Kevin lets Theo have her diary back. She'd be lost without it.

Theodora is one of my favorite characters as of lately. I love everything that she goes through and how she handles situations.
I thought it was pretty arrogant of Kevin to refuse Theo to write in her diary. His reason is that he wants her to talk to him instead of writing. Really though, guys stop listening after a while. If Theo had really stopped her diary and talked to him all the time, I guarantee Kevin would have gotten fed up and been like "why don't you talk to you friends about this stuff?" I mean Theo gets frustrated with him and football but she never asks him to quit it completely. Arrgh, men. I do like how Theo and Jeremiah finally sort of get along. Although I really didn't like his earlier viewpoint on her especially when he think they've gotten married after she got pregnant. I hate people who jump to conclusions and especially Christians who think they are better than everyone else. I'm glad she took a stand though and I'm glad they were able to make up. There's not much Charity in this book but her and Theo have settled down and are more friendlier with each other. It's also interesting to read how Charity's oldest son has started to rebel against their conservative lifestyle.

I hope this isn't the last we'll hear from Theodora and her diary. I want more!

Theodora's Baby by Penny Culliford is published by Zondervan (2006)


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