Book Review: "The Nativity Story- A Novel" by Angela Hunt and Book Giveaway

O Come O Come Emmanuel

Yesterday I wrote my review on the movie "The Nativity Story." Today is my book review on the novelization by Angela Hunt. I read the book before watching the movie so I went to the film knowing a lot of what was going to happen. If I thought the movie made the familiar characters more human and real, the book does even more so. The book adds to the movie script and includes more scenes that help to develop the characters. Mary is seen as caught between childhood and becoming a married women. We feel her struggle as she has to leave her old life behind. The reader is taken to understand what she went through after the angel told her what was going to happen to her. Since in the Bible, we don't hear a lot about Joseph what is written here shows him as an understanding and devout man. He loves Mary and wants to take care of her and the baby even though it will not be his completely.

I enjoyed the research that went on towards the writing of this book. It's full of historical detail and knowledge. You get a feel of the time, from Mary and Joseph's perspective, from Herod's, and the Wise Men. I know there is much debate about when the Wise Men showed up or even how many there are. I just find it amazing that any persons would come, near or far, to see a baby being born. Imagine how the shepherds felt when they saw Jesus, their Messiah had finally come. I also liked the prologue, which showed a modern view on the Nativity which is what most people believe in and have become immune to.

The Christmas season should be remembered in the way Hunt portrays the first Christmas. Very simple, with lots of faith and belief. The book shows that these were real people who were struggling to understand why they were chosen, yet they believed without a doubt. We today should follow in their footsteps. Another powerful read from one of my favorite authors.

The Nativity Story by Angela Hunt is published by Tyndale (2006)

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Now for the book giveaway! Here's an late Christmas present for you. I have a copy of the first book from Angela's The Theyn Chronicles series, "Afton of Margate Castle". Leave a comment with your email address saying you want to enter. I'll pick a name and announce the winner on January 2. Good luck!



    Sounds fun! :)

  2. P.S. I never received my copy of Coldwater Revival that I won. Did you get a chance to send it?


  3. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Looks like a good book. I have never read the author so this will give me an opportunity to do so.

  4. Angela Hunt is a cool scribe! Count me in the drawing Deb. Never hard of that book though but the title sounds interesting. Would love to see how she pulled that off.



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