Book Review: "Leave it to Claire" by Tracey Bateman

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You can't do it all

Claire is a romance author and a single mom. She has four kids ranging from a teenager to a 6 year old. She has to put up with her ex-husband who cheated on her and his new young wife (not the one he cheated with). Her mom, who's been her backbone for the past few years, decides to leave to be with her brother's family in Texas. The cute neighbor who moves in next door also happens to be Claire's son's teacher plus the worship pastor at church. Plus he seems to like Claire..a lot. Add all these in with unruly kids, carpal tunnel surgery and panic attacks, and Claire's got a lot to learn that she can't do everything all on her own.

I really enjoyed this read. It was fun hip mom lit. Almost anyone can identify also with trying to lose a couple of extra pounds, who can turn down hot fresh pizza really? Claire is a character that you both love and get frustrated with at the same time. For me when she had to deal with Rick and Darcy, especially the scenes with the counselor, you really feel for her. I mean imagine having to hear your ex husband say that he never really loved you and he only married you because it was his duty. And plus now he's started a better life with a younger prettier, perfect woman who keeps trying to be your friend when you'd really rather have nothing to do with them. So of course you side with her then. On the other hand, scenes with the way she handles her children made you want to thump Claire on the head. She thinks her kids can do no wrong even when she's presented hard core evidence such as the dirty poems. Thus she does not give them the correct punishments instead choosing to let them off easier. And then she wonders why they don't really listen or respect her? One can learn a lot from Claire and her adventures in this book.

Leave It to Claire by Tracey Bateman is published by Faithwords (2006)


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