Interview with My Friend Amy!!

So how did I end up being lucky to interview the BBAW mistress herself?

(Possibly b/c I happened to stay up late one night on twitter and Amy realized that she didn't have an interview partner...but I'm not saying anything).

If you know me then you know I like going off beat and ask those crazy questions no one else does. So if you're expecting a serious interview with Amy, thought wrong.

And without further adieu, an interview with My Friend Amy.... (BTW she interviewed me too so check out her blog and see what ramblings I had to say)

(The face that's behind (ok actually in front of) the computer. Isn't she just adorable?)

1. You’ve been magically transported to the island from Lost. All the characters are there including a shirtless Sawyer. It appears you have arrived during the end of Season 4 (island disappears, ship blows up). You know what’s going to happen and you can help all the islanders prepare for what’s coming ahead. However you are wearing a red shirt (aka you are going to die, but you don’t know when) and only get one shot to do this. What will you do? Will you stare at Sawyer first?

LOL!!! Yes of course and then I'll (Deborah: Amy left out a word here but I'm going to assume she meant to say Tell) Juliet not to go near the well!!!

2. Pick one and why: Veronica Mars movie or Buffy the Vampire Slayer Movie.

Veronica Mars. Because it ended with so much angst and unrest and also because we've had Buffy Season 8 in comics to help meet that need. I NEED to
know what happened to Veronica and Logan and Keith Mars, though!!!

3. You’re a self proclaimed geek. What is the geekiest/fangirl-ish thing you’ve ever done?

I can't think of anything off the charts at the moment. The fact that I spend my vacation time going to things like BEA and Comic-Con and the National Festival of Books...does that count?

4. Because I always ask everyone this: Star Wars fan? Yes? No? Why not?

Yes, I love Star Wars!

5. You’re at a Chinese buffet. What’s going on the first plate?

Fried Rice!

6. What book would you like to see Saywer reading this season on Lost?

The Hunger Games lol!

7. What is something unique about you that no one knows?

Well if I tell you than people will know!

8. Would you rather have the superpower of reading minds or never having to sleep (unless you want to of course)?

Hmmm I think never having to sleep. I could get so much
done! And I really don't ever want anyone reading my mind so I don't think I'd like to read others. I think we don't have this ability for a reason!

9. Describe a typical day in the life of Amy.

I drag myself out of bed, get ready for work and sometimes sneak a few minutes on the computer. Then I go to work. But my job is just now changing so I'm not sure what my days will be like! But before I'd meet with students throug
hout the day and work on their reading skills. Then I go home, work on blogging or reading or some such thing. Sometimes I do exciting things like laundry or pay bills or clean. Or go out to eat or to a movie or something. My days are really really boring, I just realized. :)

10. When you went to Japan, what was the weirdest thing you ever ate?

I never got up the nerve to try the live bugs, so eating a whole fish was about it. I couldn't believe I was supposed to put the whole thing in my mouth. Crunch, crunch on the bones! I love Japanese food, though!
11. How did you get into blogging and what’s the best experience you’ve had since doing it?

I got into blogging because I used to go on message boards. One of the message boards I visited was Shaun Groves, but then he decided to start a blog. I loved (well still love) his blog so much. His posts were always really well written, challenging, funny, just good times. I guess I wanted to do the same. But I think meeting blogger friends in real life has been the best experience, it's never awkward, because you already know each other!

12. Pick 5 movies or TV shows to describe your life.

By title or content? I'm going to try title. Lost in Translation, LOST (ha there's a theme here), 500 Days of Summer (because I live in California ha!), Shine, and You've Got Mail!

13. God has decided to get on Twitter. You have one shot to ask him any question that you’ve always wanted answered. But it has to fit in the 140 character limit. What do you ask? (and you can’t RT his answer)

Am I living it right?

14. You’re given a GC to a bookstore, where you are allowed to get 5 books, whatever you want. What would they be?

the third book in the Hunger Games, Radiant Sha
dows by Melissa Marr (okay I realize these haven't been released but you said whatever!), Julie Lessman's next book, She Walks in Beauty by Siri Mitchell, and The Heart is Not a Size by Beth Kephart

15. As the creator of BBAW, you’ve done lots of work and have put your heart and soul into bringing this together. What do you want people to
get most out of this week?

My hope is that people will see how vast and diverse the world of book blogging is, how each blogger has something unique and special to bring to their blogs and to the discussion about books and that the book blogosphere is a place where very special things are happening and it's exciting to be a part of that.

16. Who would be scarier to wake up to – Ronald McDonald or The BK King?

Ronald. (Deborah: This picture is freaking me out)

17. What “As Seen on TV” product do you really want to try but don’t want to shell out the money for?

Hmmm. I usually always want to try to them, but I can't think of anything off hand.

18. What will you do when you find out I am not as funny in real life?????

I will love you anyway...I'm sure you're funny!

19. Any last words?

are we going to get Chinese food in DC?

Well Amy, since you'll be staying with me during your trip, I'll make you some fried rice. And then we can order take out.

Hope you enjoyed this interview and getting to know Amy a little bit better. (We understand if you don't laugh as hard as we did while doing it, we have a wacky sense of humor)


  1. LOL! Great interview, girls :)

  2. Anonymous1:42 AM

    That was lots of fun! Thanks to both of you :-).

  3. Well, I laughed! Hilarious questions and answers! =) The pictures just made it that much better, too.

  4. What a fun interview! I love all the pics, too (well, except for Ronald!)

  5. Hilarious interview - lots of fun. Deborah, thanks for the editor's comments throughout (the one on the Ronald McDonald pic was priceless).

  6. This was so much fun! You two are crazy! I hope you get some sleep when Amy's visiting you!

  7. What a great way to start the day! I feel like I really learned a lot about Amy, and loved meeting you, Deborah!

  8. I'm stuck on that Sawyer photo . . . Was there an interview???

    This was simply the best!!!!!!

  9. Deborah – I’ve never been to your blog before, so hi! I love your layout – it looks great.

    Now my random thoughts …
    • YAY for shirtless Sawyer, and thanks for not making HIM a red shirt guy. :)
    • Another YAY for Star Wars
    • I didn’t know about the Japan trip – cool!
    • I’d have to go with the BK King – that guy creeps me out …

    And since you’ll both be in DC for the Book Fest, can you PLEASE come to Baltimore on Friday night for part of the Baltimore Fest so I can meet you two?!?!

  10. You two are peas in a pod, and so funny!

    I'm a 'fried rice' kinda girl, the stuff. *yum*

  11. Hilarious interview!! And Deborah, you ARE funny in person!

  12. Thanks for such a fun interview. Off to see Amy's interview on you.

  13. Very funny interview. I loved the questions. And I've been debating the Buffy vs. Veronice Mars movie thing in my head for a while. I guess if I were forced to choose, I'd have to go with Veronica Mars. For the same reasons. Logan and Veronica, can you ever be happily together?!

  14. Finally finding time to comment. Seriously hilarious. I think I might have cried.

  15. Great interview! You kept me awake despite the fact that I missed my nap, so it must have been good :-).

  16. It's fun to learn more about Amy--and meet your blog. Hello!

  17. VERY fun. I have a feeling the two of you will not be sleeping when you meet up - have a great time. =)

  18. Yay! Thanks for commenting everyone! ;) Deborah did a great job with those pictures..did anyone read after that pic of Sawyer? ;)

  19. Great interview! I would do more than just stare at Sawyer the Shirtless Wonder if I was trapped on the LOST island. ;)

  20. Excellent review and yeah.... the picture of sawyer made me break reading concentration for a bit...LOL


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