Setting BBAW Goals


What I like about my blog is that I get to choose what books I want to read and review. I've expanded the reviews on my blog to include now mainstream chick lit and YA which are two genres I dearly love. I'm enjoying myself and I've told myself (jokingly) I'll stop blogging when my TBR pile disappears. Which might be a while as I have 600 + books...

A year from now, hopefully I'll still be blogging. I'm almost positive I will be, but I don't know how my career will be like then so we will have to see. The biggest thing I want to accomplish is that I hope to eventually self host my blog or at least get my own domain name.

Either way I'm really proud of my blog, next week is my 3 year blogiversary and I'm planning something really special so stop by again next Monday!


  1. That's a great set of goals. :-D Easy reachable.

    600+ books? Wow! I thought my TBR was big.

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Happy early blogversary! I'd like to self-host too, but who knows if it'll happen!

  3. I bought my own domain name, a .com, but now I want .net. I'll probably own both. The 72 hour transition from publishing to blogger to the custom domain is daunting. So is getting everyone to update their links, and creating MetaTags, and getting a site map. I think I've just given myself a panic attack!

  4. I didn't participate in this post because the only goal I have right now is to be blurbed in a book like you!

  5. You are doing great and I hope to still see you blogging next year. You read many books that I don't, so exposes me to new things - expands my repertoire.


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