Guest Review: "The Book That Made America" by Jerry Newcombe

*This is a guest review from my dad!*

In this pluralistic society and postmodern generation, most of us may not know the greatness of America, much less the source of its greatness. You cannot help but be amazed at the greatness of America when you see the sheer number of people from all over the world migrating to this nation, often at the risk of their lives. What then is the source of the greatness of this nation? The author gives convincing proofs that America is great because it was founded on the teachings of the Bible—the word of God. To prove his point, the author cites document after document that the early settlers (the Pilgrims, Puritans, Jamestown settlers) were motivated by the teachings of the Bible to come to the New World, hoping to worship God freely, and to propagate the gospel to the natives. The author also cites how the founding fathers of this nation were shaped and molded by the teachings of the Bible to write the Declaration of Independence and the constitution of the USA. The book also clears up the misconception of the so-called “a wall of separation between Church and State.” Contrary to what the modern day historical revisionists ignore or claim, the author points out and discusses in detail that in 1812, the United States Supreme Court declared America as a Christian nation. This book should be a required reading for Churches, schools, and colleges, and every American who want to know the Christian root of this great nation.

The Book That Made America
by Jerry Newcombe is published by
Nordskog Publishing (2009)


  1. What an interesting book! I bet my mom would love it. Your dad needs to write more reviews for you.

  2. A great book for a birthday for my hubby! Thanks.


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