Fall Reading Challenge 2009

Fall Into Reading 2009

Well it's that time of the year again! The Fall Reading Challenge is here! Katrina at Callapidder Days is issuing out the command to get our reading lists out and done!

I started these twice-yearly challenges because I thought it would be fun to share my love of reading with other bloggers and to push myself to read some books I might not otherwise read, or to finish some books I had started and then abandoned & stashed under my bed. I thought there were probably others out there who would appreciate the accountability and encouragement that a challenge can provide. And along the way, I discovered there were lots of people who — whether they needed the extra push or not — loved to share what they planned or hoped to read during the upcoming months.

So that’s the point: sharing some reading goals with all the other participants and doing it in a way that works for you. If you want to push yourself, go for it! Or if you just want to share what you’re hoping to get around to reading before winter, that works too. The most important thing is to read this fall, to enjoy it, and to share that enjoyment with others.

So without further adieu is here is my list for the challenge! Note: These are all my library books, which means these MUST be read by the end of the challenge or face the wrath of fines!

Christian fiction
  • Black by Ted Dekker
  • Red by Ted Dekker
  • Chop Shop by Tim Downs
  • Silent Enemy by Lois Richer
  • Suspicion by Ginny Aiken
  • Nowhere to Hide by Debby Giusti
  • The Missing by Beverly Lewis
  • Where Willows Grow by Kim Vogel Sawyer
  • Just to See You Smile by Sally John
  • A Time to Gather by Sally John and Gary Smalley
  • The Winding Road Home by Sally John
  • See No Evil by Gayle Roper
  • Deeper Water by Robert Whitlow
  • The Christmas Dog by Melody Carlson
  • White by Ted Dekker
  • Shoofly Pie by Tim Downs
  • Death Benefits by Hannah Alexander
  • Beloved Enemy by Terri Reed
Chick lit
  • Knitting Under the Influence by Clair LaZabnik
  • Carpool Diem by Nancy Star
  • Goodbye Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders
  • Seeing Me Naked by Liza Palmer
  • How to Sleep With a Movie Star by Kristin Harmel
  • Everyone Else's Girl by Megan Crane
  • Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer
  • Princess Izzy and the E Street Shuffle by Beverly Bartlett
  • Cyber Cinderella by Christina Hopkinson
  • Forget About It by Caprice Crane
  • Code Name Cassandra by Meg Cabot
  • Sanctuary by Meg Cabot
  • Safe House by Meg Cabot
  • Missing You by Meg Cabot
  • Shaken by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Unmasked by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Deceived by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Protected by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Hunted by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Arrived by Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye
  • Promises, Promises by Annie Bryante
Other Literature
  • Mr. Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange
33 books and I'll allow one set of additions because I have some holds coming in from the library this week. Luckily most of these books will be able to fit into some other challenges I'm participating in. And of course when this one is over, I know I will have read extra books on my list. This shall be fun as always!


  1. I've only read one Ted Dekker novel~Three~but it was amazing! And I like Beverly Lewis, too.

  2. I'm sure you'll have no problem getting all those read, Deborah. I've got Beverly Lewis' newest one coming off of hold at the library shortly and I'm really looking forward to it.

  3. Holy cow! That's quite a list! Good luck with the challenge.

  4. Have you seen that Dekker's "Green" is out? It's on my shelf but I didn't add it to my list... I *must* finish my other books first, then maybe revisit Black, Red, White, THEN I'll allow myself to read Green. :) My husband is currently reading Chop Shop -- I've read all the Bug Man books so far, and really liked them, and my hubby is trying to catch up.

    Thanks for being part of Fall Into Reading '09! I always look forward to seeing your list and your results!

  5. This is a tame list for you. *wink* Happy reading!

  6. The amount of books in your list is amazing! My goal is 35 books this whole year! LOL.

    I just finished A Time to Gather and I really enjoyed it. I hear the next one in the series is coming too.

  7. Wow - you are going to be one busy lady! I will be interested to hear what you think of Knitting Under... - it wasn't for me but I always wonder if I am just in a bad mood when I don't like a book - after all, I don't exactly have high standards!

    I keep seeing Ted Dekker on these lists and ought to check him out.

  8. Wow! Looooong list. But I bet you make it.

  9. Great List. I love Ted Dekker's books. I read Black and Red sometime ago. Will have to revisit those at some point. I'll have to check out Jenkins and LaHayes books. I've read quite a few, but none of those. My post is up

  10. One day maybe I'll be organized and disciplined enough to participate in all of these challenges. *sigh* Good luck!

  11. I have a son who reads a lot and I think he needs to try out Ted Dekker. I'm happy to see him turning up on all of these lists. D. is almost 15, but is beyond that in his reading and I hesitate sometimes in his reading just any adult books. Thinking Dekker is the way to go for Christmas..

  12. I looked up Mr Darcy, Vampyre by Amanda Grange and it really sounds good. Who doesn't love mr.Darcy! Enjoy reading the books you got.

  13. Wow! That's a big list though I'm sure, at the rate you read, you'll be fine :-D Good luck!

  14. Wow! Great list! See a few books I'm going to have to check out. :) Happy Reading!

  15. Anonymous5:21 PM

    I'm very intrigued by Mr Darcy, Vampyre - great list!

  16. I was a bit hesitant to check out your list. It's always overwhelming to see your list. 33 books is a great number.

    The first Dekker books I read are the ones on your list. Aside from those 2, the rest of the books I haven't heard of, authors I have.

    Enjoy the challenge!

  17. I love Sally John. I am going to start reading the Circle series this weekend with Green. I have heard lots of good stuff about it. :)

  18. Some of your books sound really good. I want to check out a few of them. You have a pretty hefty goal. Happy reading!

  19. WOW! Good for you! I feel lame for only having 4 on my list! I'll look forward to seeing your chick lit and YA reviews, especially.

  20. You definitely have a really diverse list picked out! Happy fall reading!

  21. I love your list! I haven't read anything from Bevery Lewis yet, but The Missing looks good. Looking forward to reading reviews from you! Hope you have a great semester!

  22. I'm anxious to hear your thoughts on Conversations with a Fat Girl - I read that 2 years ago and really liked it!


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