Book Review: "Sister's Choice" by Judith Pella

When it comes to quilting, Maggie Newcomb is all thumbs. And nobody rubs it in more than Emma Jean Stoddard. But Maggie swallows her ire for one simple reason, she has a crush on Emma Jean's handsome son, Colby, and does not want to ruin her chances. So she works hard to become the best quilter in Maintown. Her plan seems to be working, that is, until Tamara Brennan comes to town. Tamara is wealthy and poised as well as beautiful, and immediately turns Colby's head. Evan Parker is smitten by Tamara, too, but unlike Colby, he is not the dashing, athletic type. He is very smart, no doubt, but rather bookish and unexciting.

Maggie forms a plan: She will help Evan win Tamara's affection so that Colby will once again notice her. But befriending Evan has unforeseen consequences, and before long, Maggie is more confused than ever about what she truly desires in life.

This series has taken a different sort of turn for Judith Pella's writing. Her other books usually consist of international intrigue dealing with foreign affairs. This one however has that comfort feeling of America out west. I enjoyed learning about quilting as I have always found the art to be truly stunning. It's not something I could do but I greatly admire those that do make quilts. They are not just practical items for a household. Quilts are also pieces of highly skilled craftsmanship that tell a story within the stitches and fabric.

I really liked the characters in this story. Maggie is a good combination of a young woman who is both looking for love and to grow up but at the same time still enjoys the freedom of being single and being young. I really liked how she's grown up A LOT since the last book. That had been my one complaint and I was glad to see it rectified. She's very loyal to her family and she's a good friend to those in need. Evan is the smart, nerdy guy who's bumbling but caring and cute (I love guys in spectacles lol). I really liked how their friendship grew and evolved. Never do I get annoyed with either one of them throughout the entire story. It was also good to see Ellie and Zack from the first book and bring us up to date on what they've been going through and for their upcoming wedding. The romance is a bit Cyrano de Bergerac so it's like a romantic comedy where you know what's going to happen but you're happy with the results regardless.

As I said, I really love all the characters and I would love to see a third book in the series, at least to catch up with everyone one more time and tie up all loose ends. If you enjoy a relaxing fall read, love historical fiction and are also a big fan of quilting, this is the perfect book for you.

Sister's Choice by Judith Pella is published by
Bethany House (2008)


  1. I enjoyed your book review. It's going on my TBR list...near the top. Historical fiction is one of my favorites. I'm currently reading a book called My Splendid Concubine by Lloyd Lofthouse. It's a real love story that took place in China during the nineteenth century. I'm beginning to understand that in China, family values are have always been extremely strong. So far it's been an amazing book!


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