Movie Review: "Knocked Up"

Ok, I know this is a movie that many readers of this blog will never see. And I will be honest with you, you probably shouldn't. I'm sorry I caved in but I'm not going to lie. I actually enjoyed watching this movie. Judd Apatow has been making movies lately that have been while crude, surprisingly moralistic. I was pleasantly surprised that in "The 40 year Old Virgin" he actually stayed a virgin for the whole movie until the very end AFTER he got married. Even with all the ribbing his friends gave him, he didn't cave in. Now really, when was the last time Hollywood gave that ending?

With this movie I wasn't expecting it to be surprisingly sweet. Not once from the previews did I expect Ben and Allison to actually stay together in the end after having the baby (oh you know you weren't going to see anyways). This may be one of those few times in Hollywood that a pro life message is actually shown. Am I the only person that thinks that Seth Rogen is cute? I mean if they had chosen say Jonah Hill as Ben, I could see the shocked looks. But maybe because I like guys like Seth I don't find the mismatched couple deal all that crazy. And yes there is lots of negative stuff in this movie. Sex talk, nudity, curse words, drugs, disrespectful attitudes are prominent throughout the movie. It is definately not a movie the whole family should get together and watch.

But I loved though how realistic the movie was. It never enters Ben's mind once to tell Allison to get an abortion. Even though this could hurt her career, she still decides to have the baby. Ben immediately wants to be a part of the baby's life from the get go. His and Allison's relationship is sweet and funny as we experience their ups and downs in the 9 months. I loved how he stopped smoking weed, got a job, moved into a new apartment so he could prove he would be fit to be a father. This had all come unexpectedly to him so it was nice to see the character mature as the movie went on. I also loved seeing Paul Rudd in a rather serious and down to earth role as compared to his last few movies. It was a nice change to see him as a fatherly character.

Now I am not going to recommend you to see this movie. But if you really wanted to see the nice parts of the movie, fast forward to the last 8 minutes (after the birth) and you will see what I'm talking about.


  1. Thanks Deb for the review. I want to see the Bee movie. At first I thought: whaa??? but it looks good now. And no I don't have a little child to take with me..go ahead and joke now.


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