Book Review: "Abomination" by Colleen Coble

Take a Thrill Ride

A woman is running away from a serial killer. She has no memory of who she is or who the young girl is beside her. All she knows is that she's escaping a man set on killing her. This is a serial killer, known as Gideon, who's determined to rid the world of abominations. He's killed several woman already, in gory ways as he tries to get his message across. Meanwhile a police captain is trying to find his wife who went missing and may be the next target of this deranged killer.

This was one of the best mystery thrillers I have ever read secular or Christian. The story is extremely well written, with edge on your seat suspense throughout. You have no idea who the killer is until the last few chapters and even then it's a shock to find out the identity. This book is not for the faint-heartened. If you don't like reading about subject matter that will make your stomach churn, stay away. I personally loved being creeped out silly by the story. The methods used by Gideon to inflict his judgment on tech women are quite gory and definately not for young readers. I would hope I never come across victims of sadistic people like Gideon. Let's also just say I never realize how scary swans can be. I loved seeing Bree and the others from the Rock Harbor series make another appearance in this book. It was nice to read about what the characters had been doing since the series had ended. My only complaint with the story is that we never find out the real reason about why Eve is targeted until the very end of the story. It is only hinted at throughout the story but the way the characters act, makes the reader feel as if it was accidentally overlooked in the writing. Otherwise, I think this book should be made into a movie. This is a book that you better not read at night, not only because it will make you scared to go to sleep but because it will keep you up all night trying to finish! I believe this is the best book that Collen Coble has written and I HIGHLY recommend it.

Abomination by Colleen Coble is published by Thomas Nelson (2007)


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