Book Review: "Kingdom Come" by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins

They say that all good things must end someday

The thousand year reign where Jesus sets up his kingdom on earth has begun. However all is not well in paradise. There is still one more battle to be fought, when Satan still tries one last time to take control of those who still not believe. As recent believers and those from biblical times mingle, plans are being made to undergo the last battle that Earth will ever see.

I had mixed feelings while reading this book. I was excited to read it since it would be the end of the series and all loose ends would be tied up. Also it was nice to see Buck and Chloe and the others again alive and well. It was cool to see David and Noah meeting with the kids to tell them first hand all the stories you knew while growing up. The end battle was pretty awesome too. However, there were several things I just didn't understand about the book. Why did only certain Bible characters show up to make cameos? If I were up in heaven I'd like to meet everyone who's mentioned, not just the big names. And why are only Bible characters mentioned? What about all the Christians who have made an impact throughout the centuries? And the biggest thing I didn't understand was why there was no mention of the rest of the Tribulation gang other than the key leaders? It was like they disappeared off the face of the earth, literally. I also didn't feel like the characters were developed as they had been in the rest of the series. While Kenny's and Raymie's (I did wish they would stop calling him that as he was an adult throughout the book) stories were interesting, I still saw them as kids. I wanted to know more about Buck, Chloe and everyone else. Honestly I'm glad the series is over. I did enjoy learning more about end days and the storyline was really good at first with engaging characters and suspenseful scenes. However, I felt it could have ended with book 12 and that the prequels and this last book were not really needed. I was scared when I was reading the original series that the Rapture would actually come when I finished the last book. Well as you can tell I'm still here. :)

Kingdom Come by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins is published by Tyndale (2007)


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